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what is the average cost for a puppy check up(like the ...

Customer Question

what is the average cost for a puppy check up(like the whole check up) she is 9 weeks old now and has already had her 7 in one i think it was called shot? or would it be cheaper to just get the needed shot?
                                         &nbs p;    Kristina
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Don replied 11 years ago.

Hello, it is cheaper often to get just the needed shots but often vets have a "puppy package" which includes basic shots,flea medication as well as a couple other company sponsored products. Ours was around $65 but of course it depends on the vet.

(Be sure you find out exactly what kind of shots your pup has already been given(write it down & take it with you) so your vet gives only the needed shot.)

We found this package very helpful and the confidence that the dog was given a good start in life was a comfort too.

This is a really good site that actually explains what dogs need and why.

Has Your Puppy Had His Shots? -

Call around and find either a place to give the basic shots or someone who gives this "puppy package" ,compare rates because all vets are not the same.

We saved $10 on our visit just comparing two vets in our town . Every penny saved is important as long as you're getting quality service which we did.

Estimated cost factors are given at this Kansas City site below as well as the individual list of shots:

Heart of America Humane Society - Resources - Downloads!

This next site gives you an idea what to expect when you visit the vet so you are prepared.Your vet can probably mail you the forms to prepare before the visit if you ask otherwise just show up a few minutes early to do the paperwork.

Your Puppy's First Visit to the Vet -

Here are a puppy program you may want to explore:

Purina Complete Puppy Care

If you still have questions,let me know. Otherwise please click "accept" and leave a positive feedback if you know this has helped you!

Have a wonderful day with the new puppy!