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Gina, Breeder and Health Care Specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ years experience in animal health care. Hobby breeder of Olde English Mastiffs and owned by an English Bulldog.
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when should a malinois puppys ears stand up what ...

Resolved Question:

when should a malinois puppy's ears stand up? what would make them slower to become erect?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Gina replied 11 years ago.

How old is your pup now?

Is he a pure malinois?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Gina's Post: He is a dog I found on the side of the boarding right now till I see if an owner surfaces. His body is brindle, he has a head like a gsd, white splash on chest. I am thinking he is a malinois mix, he looks a lot like the pictures, but has "floppy ears". I have a big/fat gsd already, and he is a lot smaller than her. Body is alot thinner, but the shape of the head is really really similar. Just kind of guessing, but the ears I can't find info on. He is young, maybe 6 months, not really sure.....acts like a goofy adolescent gsd. Maybe 35 pounds at most.
Expert:  Gina replied 11 years ago.

OK...usually the ears will become erect by the time they are about 10 weeks old or so...sometime is takes longer but no later than 4 months.

He may have some collie or sheltie in him...this would cause the ears to flop...the white spot on the chest and be a bit smaller :) We had a collie/shepard x that sounds just like you are describing.

Its always hard to determine a strays background. Check and type in the main breed you think he is...this will bring up mixes and you can compare pictures to what you have. We do this alot on rescue :)

Good luck and hope this helps :)

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