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can dogs get blue balls

Customer Question

My moms dog was in heat,, my dog was inturupted and not allowed to finish his business, and has been extremely painful in his groin area,, so i'm assuming it's because he didn't get ti finsh what he started,, and is there anything i can give him to help,, ibprofen, something?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Ibuprofen is toxic to dogs. So are the other over the counter pain meds other than aspirin.
A cool compress should help reduce the blood congestion in the area. If he is not able to retract his penis this might be due to his sheath rolling inside out.
Dogs also have a bone in their penis and if the interruption was by physical force it could have broken the bone.
Normally when a dog loses the tie he either finishes ejaculating or retracts. Neither situation should be painful to the dog.
If the penis is out still then the first thing to check is to see if by any chance the prepuce or sheath is rolled inside itself. Sometimes the dog's hair sticks to the shaft and as the shaft retracts the sheath gets pulled and rolls up. This does two things it leaves the sheath not long enough to cover the penis and it constricts in a ring around it keeping it full of blood so it cannot retract more.
The easiest way to resolve this is moistening the area (in a pinch even water will do) and gently roll the sheath right side out again so it covers the entire penis length.
If you cannot do this the dog will need vet attention as if the shaft dries out the tissue is damaged and infection is very likely to result. The congested blood could also cause internal damage. So this is something you do need to take care of.
If his sheath looks OK and in normal position and the penis is still out then you would need to get the area moist and see a vet ASAP to get him some help. He may need meds to reduce the erection.
KY jelly for moistening the exposed tissue lasts longer than water will and is more soothing.
If the dog seems to be hurt and all is tucked away fine then I'd suspect the separation injured him and he should see a vet. You can try a cold compress on the area for pain reduction.
Hope this helps you!

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