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my dog is doing heavy snoring while awake and asleep.

Resolved Question:

hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX i like to know if my dog is sick or not.i got a small shitzu and its at least 6 or 7 years old,we feed her regular house food not dog food but in small portions,and she eats one a day,we give her enough water and we take her out for a walk twice a day.except i havent taken her to the vet or to get her shots,since 3 years ago maybe thats why she is sick now,for the last three weeks she has been doing real heavy snoring real heavy while shes awake and even heavier while shes sleeping,and she has been looking very please give me a good advise of what kind of medine y could buy her or what would be a good thing to cure that when it comes to a vet their really very expensive here in new york city its hard for me to afford it.

Optional Information:
Age: 7; Female; Breed: shitzu

Already Tried:
takin her out for walks,giving her enough water,and small portion of food.

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
The problem is that there are several things that might cause this.
If she sees other dogs she might have picked up kennel cough or the new canine influenza
As she is a Shih Tzu they often have breathing problems from tonsil infections or soft palate irritations etc and they are prone to collapsint trachea problems too.
As she is getting older this could be first indications of a heart problem and if she has not been on heartworm prevention it might even be heartworms though in NYC they aren't as common as in the country due to fewer mosquitos being around.
You might check and see if will help you finance some vet care for her.
You can see if these sites will help too
or maybe NY Save can help you or give you somewhere you can go for reasonabley priced care
If you think its kennel cough you could try some Robitussin DM and you can read here about dose and cautions by scrolling all down through the site
Hope this helps you!
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