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is there a way to make my dog produce more milk, I think ...

Customer Question

is there a way to make my dog produce more milk, I think she is running out of milk, some of the puppies respond to droppers filled with esbilac but not all

Optional Information:
Age: 2; Female; Breed: chiuahua

Already Tried:
I have trid to bottle feed, the puppies are two weeks old but there are five. If I put corn sryup on the nipple they will take it for a minute or so.

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Yes there is a way to help her produce more good milk for them. Goats milk, canned, fresh or powdered added to her diet should help her a lot. I use it with my nursing dams all the time.
I've found it in varying sources from a Wal-Mart super center store to natural food stores to supermarkets. You can call around and see if anyone near you has it in stock - usually the brand is Meyenberg.
You can also see if feeding her the esbilac will help her produce more milk.
Another option is using a calcium supplement such as PetCal tabs. Make sure she is eating a high quality high calorie dog or puppy food too.
You can also supplement pups with the goats milk directly and I've hand raised baby animals including pups on goats milk with a daily dose of liquid vitamins.
Hope this helps you!