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Cheryl K.
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can a dog catch herpes simplex virus (HSV 1) from a human

Resolved Question:

I have a pregnant bitch. i am worried that by licking my daughter when she had a very bad case of herpes simplex 1 (cold sores, flu symptoms), she might have caught it, and it could hurt her pups (canine herpes is fatal to newborn pups).
If so, would she have an elevated white blood cell count and have an episode of fever? how can I tell?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 11 years ago.
These are different strains and she cannot catch this from your daughter just as your daughter cannot catch certain diseases from your dog. There are certain things that can be contagious such as ringworm but this is not somthing that is passable onto your dog.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl Kauffman's Post: That is a huge relief.
At about 44 days pregnant she developed a fever and a high blood cell count. No apparent signs of infection (neg uirne culture, no protein spill, etc.), WBC down to 18,000 then back up to 22,000 at end of five days of clovamax (supp'ly safe during pregancy). I am woried, though. Could she have closed pyometra? She has never been sick in any way, never had a fever before. They have put her on another course of clovamax, but we are getting awfully close to term 58-63 days) (last pill is on day 53). She has not had a fever since the first episode began; in fact her temperature is usu very low (98 in am to 100in pm).
Anything I should do, worry about?
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 11 years ago.

This sounds as though she could have had a bacterial infection as some are hard to detect or it could be pyometra and I would suggest that you talk with your veterinarian concerning this. If her temperature is very low at this point she is close to delivering so be prepared as a lowered temperature means that she could start whelping at any time now. The avergae is 63 days but can be as soon as 58 so I would relate the drop in her temperature to the pregnancy but feel you should give your veterinarian a call and discuss this possibility with them but that should have showed up when they saw her. If she is showing no signs of illness right now except the lowered temperature I would continue with the Clavamox and give your veterinarian a call and see if they feel pyometra as this can be very serious but the fact that the antibiotics helped with the symptoms the first time around is a good sign but it is better to be safe then sorry.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Thanks for you response.
I should have made it clear that we are at only day 48 now. And I should have been clearer-her REGULAR NORMAL temp is 98-100- yes, low for a dog, but that is what they always get at the vert, too. (Does it mean anything?)
So I do not think she is close to delivering. I expect a drop to below 97 for that.
Anyway, my vet does not seem worried about the uptick to above normal WBC count- but it is bothering me. She does not have any discharge nor is she licking a lot down there.
But closed pyometra is scary stuff- I read that it does not even necessarily cause a fever!
Vet said there are really no other safe antibiotics for pregnant dogs, so I hope it works this time... Are there any other serious things causing this WBC I should be considering given that she will be having pups in about 10-15 days?
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 11 years ago.
Yes it is true that closed pyometra can be present without causing a fever but if she has been thoroughly checker by her veterinarian I am sure that it is nothing serious. Usually an elevated white blood count can be caused from several things including hepatitis, infection, and meningitis but I am sure your veterinarian has checked for all possibilities of disease associated with the high white blood cell count. I am glad that you told me how far along in the pregnancy she is as I was thinking she was further along and yes you should expect a drop of 97 or below for that. I would continue on with the antibiotics and monitor her for now as it is altogether possible that her pregnancy had her counts out of wack and since your veterinarian does not seen worried I would take this as a good sign. If she starts displaying any other abnormalities in her behavior that would not be associated with pregnancy it would be wise to have her seen again but when they did her bloodwork I am sure they tested for the above diseases to rule them out. It might be a good idea to monitor her white blood cell count for awhile to see if it was a one time thing or if she does have some underlying illness but if she is doing alot better then she was it was most likely related to infection and the antibiotics are working on taking care of that as there are some infections that may not show up on the bloodwork but the antibiotics usually take care of any underlying infection. If you have great concerns about possible closed pyometra I would suggest that you discuss this with your veterinarian to make sure that they did a full examination and testing on her bloodwork to rule out all diseases as some will only test for certain things and you need to be sure they did a full CBC.
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