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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, Special Forces Medic trained in vet
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 10760
Experience:  U.S. Army Special Forces Medic:(trained in veterinary medicine but not a veterinarian)
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puppy is coughing after eating or drinking water ...

Resolved Question:

puppy is coughing after eating or drinking water

Optional Information:
Age: <1; Male; Breed: Fox Terrier

Already Tried:
Taken to Vet, diagnosed with fever given amoxacillan

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 11 years ago.

Your vet has prescribe the correct medication.
Coughing that occurs during or shortly after eating is nearly always caused by a disease of the larynx or esophagus.

So it seems your canine has a sore throat or upper respiratory infection, and most likely a strep type infection. Since it is very difficult to isolate what the specific cause of the throat infection is, the vet prescribe amoxacillan, a broad spectrum anti-biotic. (this means it will kill nearly all the kinds of bacteria that typically cause sore throats in dogs.

knowing what the microb really was, would not have changed the vets treatment, since amoxicillan is the drug of choice for this situation.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Ed Johnson's Post: He has been on this medication for about 3 days now with hardly any signs on improvement. Should I be concerned?
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 11 years ago.

Three days is not enough time for the medicine to work, especially if your pet has to clear congestion.

I would expect after 3 days, that he should not have a fever and should be more active.

It is not enough concern to warrant another trip to the vet. Perhaps, if you need to be assured that the treatment prescribed by your vet is producing the results intended, then a phone call might be in order.

Since I am unable to examine your pet and see him, then I cannot say what the fullest intent of the treatmetn regime is, in terms of recovery time. Dogs are similar to people, in the way they respond to medication, except that they respond a little sooner.

Check for the following before you call the vet:

1. Rectal temperature to check for fever and/or
2. Activity level: is he lethargic, happy, or neutral. Neutral is ok. For sure, after three days lethargic would be something to call the vet about.

Again, at this point, I would not be concerned beyond the point of calling the vet to ensure the treatment plan is producing the expected results.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Ed Johnson's Post: Ed,

He definatly isnt lathargic. He will play in bursts which I know is normal for a puppy of his age.

When he is passing the actual congestion, will he spit/cough up anything as well like a person will do? I have noticed that his nose is drying up and his nose isnt as runney as before. His eyes do seem a tad puffy.

Thanks for all your help thus far.
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 11 years ago.

This is a good sign. I cannot answer your follow on question about if he will spit/cough up like a person does, in this situation. I do not know the vet's persumptive diagnosis.

However, a dog may cough up sputum and congestion the same way a person might after an upper respiratory infection.

His nose has cleared, that is good.

HIs eyes are a tad puffy. I would give him another day or two and then if you see no further improvement, give your Vet a call.

I am sure your puppy is going to be ok.

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