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My dog has little black sand like things all over her. I ...

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My dog has little black sand like things all over her. I keep picking them off. They feel like sand. I bought a tube of the Advantage and applied it on her yeterday. I thought maybe it was flee eggs but they are black. She lays in my bed with me on her own yellow blanket. This morning the blacket was full of black spots and I am washing all the bed clothes again today. I also bought a spray for the house all from the vets office but I could not afford to pay for an examination for her.
Can you please help me?

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Age: 5; Female; Breed: Terrier Mix

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What you are seeing is probably what is called flea dirt and the spots from last night are dead fleas. The flea dirt is the results of fleas biting and digesting the blood and passing a stool.
The Advantage and house spray were just what you needed to be doing for your pet.
You may need to worm her for tape worms once the fleas are gone as fleas carry those parasites.
You can just bring a fresh stool sample to the vet when you can afford it and have it checked for worms.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
How long will it take for them to go away?
I applied the Vantage yesterday.
Advantage kills 98-100 percent of fleas within 12 hours of application. So that takes care of the ones on the dog.
Next plan a short walk for you and the dog and spray the house with the spray you bought and go for a walk while it settles. Read directions on how to apply it. Do the whole house and any places the dog sleeps.
Then you can really brush out your dog to get rid of any flea dirt or eggs or you can wash your dog with a gentle dog shampoo (not one with flea killer in it as that is not needed) to clean her up.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: She is still full of the things.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Can I use my own shampoo for her? I don't want to wash out the Advantage.
Until the house is flea free more are going to hop on her. They too may die in 12 hours or so
Dead fleas and flea dirt may stick in the coat.
Advantage shouldn't wash out but a dog shampoo is better than human ones for dog skin and fur.
If you have any Murphy's Oil Soap that is safe to use on dogs.
You could just brush her every day until you are sure all fleas are gone from your home.
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