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Joni, Certified Vet Tech-Canine Specialty
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Experience:  20+ years as dog specialist at vet clinic (all aspects)- raise Great Danes
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i think my pug dog has a cold she has a very runny nose

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I think my Pug dog has a cold. She has a VERY runny nose, sneezes a lot, and is not too interested in food (which is totally not normal for her). She looks like she's feeling better than yesterday. Can I give her half or quarter of a dose of tyleno cold medicine?

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Age: 6; Female; Breed: Pug

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No Tylenol of any sort for dogs as it will affect their liver.. Also, if the drainage is clear then just let it run its course. If it is green or yellow then she'll need to see a vet for some antibiotics. The same if she continues to not eat.
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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Thanks! I didn't think I'd get a response so quickly. My dog thanks you for telling me not to give her tyleno cold medicine. Glad I asked. The drainage from her nose is clear gooooo. I'll just give her something really bland tonite. She's still following me everywhere I go (which is a good sign).

Thanks again!!! ;o)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
She just looks miserable. Tried to feed her some dried food (and I had put some chicken broth - from a can) to mix in with the food, she didn't even touch it.
It sounds like it is a little bit more serious than just a cold. Does she have a cough or anything else? Can you take her temperature? You take it rectally and normal for a resting dog is 101-102. This can help you decide if you need to seek a vet tonight.