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Old English Sheepdog Blue Eyed Puppies

Customer Question

Maybe you can help me understand some of the comments I have recieved.
1.You are not suppost to breed two blue eyed parents. Is it better to have a blue eyed male or female?
2. Large percentage of blue eyed dogs become deaf.
Although I have had two Old English Sheepdogs, I have never had or even seen a blue eyed pup. I thought of buy a blue eyed male and female for pets, showing and future breeding purposes, but now I'm not sure about even having a blue eyed dog. I really don't want a handful of one blue eye, one brown eye puppies

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Age: 2; Male; Breed: Old English Sheepdog

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Blue eyes indicate partial albinism and lack of pigment such as that can cause deafness in pups.
This site has the AKC standard for the breed
It says
"Brown, blue or one of each. If brown, very dark is preferred. If blue, a pearl, china or wall-eye is considered typical. An amber or yellow eye is most objectionable."
So blue and brown are allowed eye colors.
What you do not want to do is breed two albinistic dogs for fear of getting a pigmentless dog in the litter which will likely be deaf as well as the wrong color for the breed.
There is a LOT more to worry about than eye color if you want to breed and show the breed.
This site might help you
It does not make any difference which dog has the blue eyes - both parents contribute equally to the offspring genetically.
Hope this helps you!

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