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my four month old puppy has worms in her feces it s only

Resolved Question:

My four month old puppy has worms in her feces. It's only been 3 weeks since her last heartgard dose. Is it safe to give her the next dose early or does she need some other type of medication to get rid of the worms? Also, she's 22lbs but the vet gave us the 26-50 dosage (because she's gaining weight so fast and they are 6 month supplies), is this going to be safe for her if given early?

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Age: <1; Female; Breed: Dog/Basset Hound

Already Tried:
Regular Heartgard

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Joni replied 11 years ago.
First off- yes that dose is safe and most vets will do just what yours did. Now what do these worms look like? I bet they are short and flat and look like rice. If so, the Heartguard will not take care of these as they are tape worms and they need a special medication to kill them. They are caused by the pup swallowing a flea that had a tape worm egg. So your best bet is strict flea control. You can stop by your vet for a pill to get rid of these but if the pup swallows another flea it will get them again.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Joni's Post: Yes they are flat and look like rice. Will a flea bath once a week or so help to minimize these outbreaks after I obtain the medication.   Also, are these worms infectious to humans? Just curious as I am 6 months pregnant.
Expert:  Joni replied 11 years ago.
No they are not -you cannot get them unless you swallow a flea. I would recommend the once a month products like Advantage or Front Line. They work much better than a flea bath. Fleas have been horrible this year- all over the US for some reason- the crazy weather I guess. You can also safely use Adams Flea Off Mist in between the once a month treatments if you need to.
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