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Joni, Certified Vet Tech-Canine Specialty
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ years as dog specialist at vet clinic (all aspects)- raise Great Danes
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What color should a puppys urine be Because my puppies ...

Resolved Question:

What color should a puppys urine be? Because my puppies urine has been coming out really yellow lately...does this mean he is lacking something or has to much of something in his diet?

Optional Information:
Age: <1; Male; Breed: Maltese

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Joni replied 11 years ago.
If it is abnormally yellow you may need to take a sample to the vet to have a urinalysis done. It could have blood in it which would be indicative of a urinary tract infection. It could be concentrated which could mean he may be having some kidney problems. That would be the safest thing to do. If your vet will not let you just bring a fresh sample then you'll have to take him. Try to not let him pee right before you take him to the vet or when you get there so they can get a sample from him and you won't have to leave him.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Joni's Post: what is abnormally yellow? is there anything i can try first before taking him to the vet?
Expert:  Joni replied 11 years ago.
It should be about the same color as a humans. Just a golden yellow not the least bit orange. What are his bathroom habits like? Does he seem to have to go pee a lot? Does he just do a little bit at a time? How long have you had him? Hopefully long enough that you can compare . You stated that it has been "lately" so I can only assume that it is not normally this dark. If it has changed then that is probably enough reason to be concerned- especially if he seems to be wanting to go more than usual.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Ive had him about a month. I would say he pees fairly regularly sometimes its just a little sometimes its a i cant really make a pattern out of it. But sometimes he will pee just a little and then pee a little more a few minutes later. But he has only done this a couple times.

I wouldn't say his pee is dark so much as its just extremely yellow but not dark or cloudy. The reason I ask is it used to be lighter and now its just more yellow...if that made sense.
Expert:  Joni replied 11 years ago.
The fact that it is more yellow than before and also that he is not emptying himself completely all of the time and doing a little here and a little there would concern me enough to have a UTI ruled out just to be 100% safe. It sounds suspicious to me.
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