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On average, do mutts live longer than purebred dogs

Resolved Question:

If "mutt" dogs do live longer, by how much?

What are the size differences? Do small mutts live longer than big mutts? If all sizes were lumped together, is it safe to say that mutts live longer than purebreds?

How much bias is there among "Dog People" with regard to life expectancy? Doesn anyone care but me?

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Age: 9; Female; Breed: Mutt

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Actually genetically speaking mixes are apt to have more hereditary problems than purebreds as purebreds only have a subset of all possible problems while mixes can have a larger variety of issues due to their mixed heritage.
In shelters more mixes are killed than purebreds so in a shelter a mutt's chances are way lower than a purebred's are of getting out alive. And more mixes end up dumped in shelters by people who do not want them than purebreds do.
Overall in dogs giant dogs have shortest life spans. Some super small dogs also have shortened life spans as their tiny size may indicate they have medical problems to start with.
Small to medium dogs often have good lifespans in comparison to other size dogs. Some particular breeds tend to have overall longer lives than others but that is no sure indicator that any particular member of a breed will have that longer life.
It is easier to get information on purebreds than on mixes because no one actually cares about mixbreed statistics the way they care about purebreds. Certianly the people who breed them don't. Its also easier to compare purebred statistics as people compile them and track them down generations.
You are most apt to get a healthy long lived dog out of ancestors who were healthy and long lived.
In my experience 'dog people' come in almost as large a number of varieties as their dogs do so you have to sort through to find the kind of breeder you are looking for if you are seeking a puppy.
Hope this helps you!
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