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My toy poodle has a coughing/snorting problem.He will ...

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My toy poodle has a coughing/snorting problem.
He will cough and snort and then seem to "urp" and swallow--
especially at night or when excited. sometimes
he can cough and snort for 15+ minutes at a time.
He also seems to do this voluntarily at times:
occasionally when he wants to go out to the
bathroom he will do the snorting. Also a visiting
relative tends to give treats when she leaves and
our dog will snort/cough when he is anticipating a
treat. The snorting/coughing is so significant that
strangers will become concerned that he looks like
he can't breathe when he is doing this. It is all
during exhalation and is done with an open mouth.
The pitch can be medium and sometimes a "tight"
sounding higher pitch. It never sounds low and never
sounds like a bark. Sometimes it is accompanied by
a sneeze.
Water seems to help him somewhat. He
lives with a smoker and occasionally sneezes but never
has an audible wheeze. He lives in colorado
and his symptoms don't seem to be much worse
with cold weather. This has been happening for years and nothing seemed to trigger the initial problem. He is
significantly overweight. (weighs 10# XXXXX recommended wieght is 6-7#) He takes 2 walks a day
and is able to run without symptoms. He eats well, bowel movements are regular, and he urniates OK. He
has no other health problems other than the obesity.
I wonder if he has reflux? If so can I give him a
long-acting medication like pepcid or prevacid?
If so, what dose?Optional Information: Age: 10; Male; Breed: toy poodleAlready Tried: love and water
This sounds like something called reverse sneezing and it may have to do with a swollen or slightly large for him soft palate.
The soft palate can get stuck in an odd position and make them 'snork' and then swallow to get it back where it belongs. We call it 'snorking' around here with our little dogs who do this when excited.
Sometimes this can be due to a trachea problem.
Both can be helped by better weight control.
A thinner dog might be better able to breathe properly.
You can read about trachea problems here
and about reverse sneezing here to compare them to what you see
A vet visit to check the dog out and some help in losing weight might be the best treatment.
Hope this helps you!

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