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how can i get rid of the crust on the top of my dogs nose

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My Brittney has crust on the top of his nose. it seems to be coming from the hairline right by his nose. He was on antibiotics for his ears last year and it started to go away, but now its back, i would like to get rid of it and be able to keep it off of his nose. thanks c.h.

Dog's noses will peel much like people's skin does, although it takes much more severe sun, wind and rain to make it happen. These problem are compounded when you have a lightly colored dog.

There is a product called "bag balm" that's a moisturizer. You can get it at wal mart. It works great for dog noses.

If there are wounds on the nose, you can clean the nose with peroxide or betadine and then apply some neosporin ointment. If this does not help, you will want to see the vet for an antibiotic.

Aside from that, thyroid conditions can cause unknown nose problem so you will want to have your vet run a thyroid panel to rule this out. Some people have to go so far as to tattoo the nose to promote healing.

Let me know if you still have questions.

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