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my dog ingested some a&d ointment

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my stupid dog eat some a&d ointment(for diaper rash)how worried should i be what will happen
How long ago did he eat it? And how much?
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tammy Falkner's Post: mabye 1/2 a 1.5 once tube and this evening sometime right now she seems fine
here is a list of the ingredients in A&D ointment

Active Ingredients:
Petrolatum 53.4%, Lanolin 15.5%.
Inactive Ingredients:Cod Liver Oil (Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D), Fragrance, Light Mineral
Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Paraffin

I am not a chemist but at the very worst, she may vomit. The rest of the ingredients are rather 'ordinary.'

I will research the PETROLATUM to be sure

Petrolatum is petroleum jelly.   In such a small quantity there should not be a problem

Diaper rash creams/ointments such as Desitin/A&D ointment have a very low level of toxicity contrary to warning labels on the product. Here again, this product usually only causes oral/stomach upset.

If it does present some stomach upset, you should talk with your vet about using a dose of immodium to control diarrhea and vomiting.

Most of the ingredients in this product are harmless. It's a lot of oils, wax, fragrance and a little lanolin and petrolium jelly (petrolatum).

Let me know if you still have questions.

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Angel's Post: vomitting is expected(and sadly deserved BAD DOG lol)now i can sleep thank you very much
You are very welcome. Don't forget to accept an answer if the responses were helpful to you.
Tammy F., Not an active Expert
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 9168
Experience: Not an active Expert
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