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Category: Dog
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what are little red bugs on a dog

Customer Question

on my black lab we find tiny red bugs on his face and head. he does itch. they are so close to his skin it is hard to get one off. they do not get larger like a tick. i thought fleas were yellowish? what are these? what harm are they to humans?
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  mandyrae81 replied 12 years ago.
fleas can have a redish brown color. some ticks are very small and a redish color. if your dog is not on any provention Frontline is an excelent flea and tick control. do they attach to the skin or just walk around? is it something you just noticed today or a reoccuring problem. in some parts of the country there is a parasite called "red bugs" but the are usually very small but they are usually very small and not a reoccuring problem unless you have a yard infestation. in which case it is contagous to get them alot from playing in the woods. although not harmful they do itch and cause a few days of irritation usually a bath should get rid of them benadryl will help with iching for dogs 1mg per lb of weight.if it is a reoccuring problem you should consult a pest control company