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Lab / pit bull mix: 12 year old..wont eat..wet food mixed..dry food

Customer Question

My 12 year old Lab/ Pitbull mix has been pretty healthy, last year he had a gland removed that was Cancereous, turned out fine. He won't eat his dogfood, he'll eat human food or wet food mixed with his dry food. He also has a problem with his throat he's losing his voice and the vet. say's something's closing in his throat and it's fatal, but my dog's to old he wouldn't live long enough for this to kill him. He had diarrea a few days ago, but it's gone. About a month ago he ate a cooked chicken bones and all. He threw up and has seemed fine to this point. It's not like he won't eat anything just his food and certain dog bisquits which has never gone uneaten
He's low in energy, but we live in Arizona and it's getting hot, he always seems to slow down around this time of year. Any suggestions, thank you.

Mary in Arizona
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Rebekah Haferbecker replied 12 years ago.

Sounds like your doggy has decided that human food and wet dog food is tastier than dry food. At his age, and considering his other illness, aside from giving him too much human food, I would give him what he likes. Human food is bad for him due to high fat and salt contents but there is nothing wrong with giving it in small amounts or mixing wet food with his dry as  long  as he gets some dry food as it is good for his teeth. You can also add boiled chicken (no bones) or hamburger and rice to his food to get him to eat it. This can also help with diarrhea. His low energy is likely a combination of the heat and his age. Just make sure he is drinking plenty of water. He sounds like he is ok, I would monitor him pretty closely because of the chicken bones. If you see a dramatic change in his symptoms or if he starts vomiting or become lethargic (not just slowing down) then you should call the vet or take him in ASAP.

Hope this helps!

Expert:  NancyH replied 12 years ago.
If cooking for him works then I say with a dog this old cook for him!
He may be having a problem in smelling his food and that would make the regular stuff less than appetizing to him. You can try warming it for a few seconds in the microwave to see if that makes it more attractive. Dog appetites work on their sense of smell and warming the food will make it more aromatic.
Or if you want to cook for him this site talks about it and has links to recipes and there are books out there on the topic of cooking for your dog too.
The diarrhea was probably related to the chicken bones. If he acts lethargic or in pain head to your vet to get care for him.
Hope this helps!