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My Chihuahua died after a C Section at Vets office

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My dog died after a C Section and the Vet has not even called to check on us to or try to explain what happened. I am just sick. The pups have all died. Is this normal? This was 5 days ago.

They kept telling me she would not wake up or was "slow" to wake up. This was a scheduled C Section. She never labored. No one really acted alarmed about her being slow to wake up. She was just under 2 and very healthy. She had been bred with a Mini pin, it was not a planned pregnancy we did not even know she had a heat cycle. She did have prenatal care and xrays before her section.

The Vet came out and said she had to give her a transfusion and asked to give her a hysterectomy and that she was in shock. She died about 3 hours to 4 hours after her section.

The Vet said it was the first dog she ever lost that way. I paid for the C section before she died. I wish someone would have alerted us to the severity of the problem. I am an RN and used to work Labor and Delivery. I could tell something was amiss because no one in the office would make eye contact with me.   I am baffled there has been no phone call from this Vet. Nothing. They just let me leave with my dead dog and 3 pups that did not make it. Awful like a nightmare. What happened? I do not know how to proceed. Nothing is going to bring her back but I feel like something is not right. I am mostly shocked at no explanation or phone call. I am aware there is always a risk with any surgery. Customer
 Was she full term?
What was the explanation for losing the puppies...or was none given?


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Vamvakias's Post: She was full term. One pup died after birth(they told me she was a runt) the other 3 1 girl and 2 boys came home with me where I kept them warm, fed them every 2 hours around the clock, stimulated them with a warm, damp cotton ball so they could go to the bathroom after each feeding. At about 72 hours then started to lose tone, lose sucking reflex, stopped urinating. I fed them Nurturall-C Puppy replacer with a bottle and dropper. I went and got a 5 french feeding tube and was going to pass it and feed them with that but it was too late. (I used to work NICU). I noticed they were not urinating and had some serous colored discharge from the mouth after they passed away. They just seemed to shut down. I tried everything I knew and read everything I could to try and keep her pups alive.

I kept asking myself is she checked the Mom for a full bladder, for retained placenta, did she nick her little hernia when she made the incision? I know these things will make a human bleed after a delivery. Was it the anesthesia or was she bleeding? I have so many questions.

Not one person from the Vet's office has called to check on the Pups or how we are feeling about losing our girl.

I have been a RN for 32 years, I feel I am reasonable and know things happen sometimes. But this feels not right.

 I don't know what happened.  Her failure to "wake up" sounds like a combination of shock and medications causing cardiac arrest.

The size of pups and number could have caused pressure on the descending vessels in the body (caudal vena cava/descending aorta) when anesthesia happens and the abdomen is opened and the uterus is manipulated and pressue is removed it is like unkinking a hose and the vessels fill again and cause all kinds of problems.  Unlike human hospitals, we don't have the sophistication of the monitoring devices to see problems as quick as they happen...and truthfully the vet is focused on getting the pups out...there is a staff member to take each puppy and work on them while the vet trys to sew up the uterus or perform the spay.

Since she felt the dog was in shock and need blood vs. fluids partially into the surgery...that leads me to believe that there was excessive bleeding.

I don't know your vet, but let me say that the majority of us are in this profession to help and treat animals because we care so much for them.  We tend to be very upset when we lose one, regardless of the cause.  If I was in a similar situation, I would want to discuss what happened with you..but I don't know if I would be calling you at home to see how your were unless we had a relationship.

I guess my recommendation, as you process the massive loss you have to call the vet office and ask for an appointment with that vet.  Go in and spend time asking all these questions...ask about the health of the uterus when she went in, where the blood loss was coming from, etc.

As an know the unexpected happens, but it does help to hear the words from your vet...she may be waiting for you to be ready to talk about it.

I hope this helps. I am truly sorry for your loss.


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Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Thank you so much. I know I am going through "stages" of loss. Your advice has helped me.   Thank you. XXXXX XXXXX