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can dogs take augmentin

Customer Question

I've worked for vets for 15yrs. so i kinda know what i'm doing but i just moved and i'm not working for a vet yet. Anyway, my 50 pound boxer got into a dog fight on moday, i've been cleaning the wound w/ dilluted nolvasan since, and yesterday it started to swell , i've starting really irrigating it and getting lots of drainage. It's definately infected now and he needs to be on antibiotics, all i have is 500mg. Augmentin, and i'm not sure i can give that, when working i know the vet would've prescribed 500mg cephalexin 2xday for 10 days. He's not running fever and is eating and drinking norm. so , can i treat w/ Augmentin?
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Tammy F. replied 12 years ago.

 Some vets prescribe augmentin for infections but you would have to check with your vet for a dosage.

If the wound is oozing/draining, it sounds like you need vet intervention anyway.  The wound may need to be flushed and you may need more care than you can provide at home.

Good luck!

Expert:  DanaDVM replied 12 years ago.

 Augmentin is should be familiar with that in vet medicine. 500mg is on the higher end of the dose but you can use it for a 50lb dog.  Use 1 tablets every 12 hours for 7-10days...hopefully you kind get to a vet if needed. Make sure you give medication with food.