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Wart like bump on my dogs nose

Customer Question

Wart like bump on my dogs nose, what is It?
He is a 10 mo American bulldog, very healthy. What started about a month ago as a small beauty mark is now a pea shaped growth on his face between his nose and upper lip. The growth does not seem to bother the dog when i inspect it.
It seemed to burst yesterday and bleed a small amount, only a few drops.
Any info would be appreciated
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  ZooCVT replied 12 years ago.

 It may be a sebacious or other type of cyst. The best thing to do, if it is growing, is have your vet take a look at it and possibly remove it before its starts to bother him, bleed more or refill up.

Good Luck!



Disclaimer: The above is provided for informational purposes only.  As I am not a veterinarian -- the above should not be considered, or relied upon as, veterinary medical advice.  I strongly encourage you to consult your own personal Licensed Veterinarian regarding any serious animal medical matter as they will be able to see and exam your pet.


Expert:  DanaDVM replied 12 years ago.
Online advice is hard, especially skin related things.
At 10 months he is hitting puberty and they have acne issues like all other teenage boys. It is termed folliculitis and furunculitis depending on how deep it is (like cystic acne vs. pimples). You can clean the area and actually apply a light benzoyl peroxide cream (acne cream from pharmacy). These lesion tend to come up on the chin and jaw line.
A wart wouldn't burst...a cyst will. The goal is usually to keep it clean.
Good luck,