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Growth/Sore/Scab near dogs nail

Resolved Question:

My dog seems to have a sore of some sort near one if his nails. It is the 5th nail (I think they are called dew claws) that has somewhat overgrown because the person who cuts his nails was doing a poor job. I am not sure if the 2 things are related or not. He has been chewing on the area this week which caused me to notice. He is upset when I try to look so that is why I think it is painful. It looks like it may be a growth or a scab or a injury I am not sure. It is black/dark brown in color and looks like the surface is mainly flat (he wont let me touch it) and the sides appear to be rounded. I am looking to figure out what it is and how to make him feel better.
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  ZooCVT replied 13 years ago.

 If you can have someone hold his head while you take a warm washcloth and some mild soap to clean it up that would be best then you can get a better look at it. The bad thing is that it also makes you the bad guy which is something you want to avoid. Above all, DON'T get bit! He's hurting and not trying to be malicous but he doesn't have any other way to tell you he's in pain. If its near the bed of the nail, or if it IS from the nail growing into the pad then, depending how bad, try and clean it up as best you can, place some neosporin on it and place a sock over it so 1. it stays clean and 2. he stops licking it. If it is a nail growing into the pad, it needs to be cut out and that is also very painful. You can choose to do this yourself or take him to your vet so they can do it. If you decide to do it, just realize it probably will bleed so have some quik-stop type powder on hand to stop the bleeding.

Good Luck!

Customer: replied 13 years ago.
Thank you for your response you did answer half of my question, the other half was what it could possibly be. Could you please give me some thoughts on what it could be? I do not know if it could be a growth of some sort or if the only common thing in this situation is a sore from having his nail to long.
Expert:  ZooCVT replied 13 years ago.

 Sometimes when the nail grows too long it will crack at the base wich will cause it to become very sore and thats one thing it could be. His licking may be irritating the area also causing somewhat of a granuloma. What happens is something sets them off to start the licking whether it be an injury or just boredom or just being neortic(dobermans are nortorious for this..I know, I have one) anyway, the licking causes irritation and the irritation causes licking so the cycle continues....Thats just a couple of the things that may be causing it.

Hope this helps

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