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my dog ate a disposable diaper

Customer Question

my dog ate part of a disposable diaper and is having stomach pains
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Guests replied 13 years ago.
You need to get the dog to the vet. The plastic from the disposable diaper could cause an intestinal blockage, he needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible, or he could have serious internal problems.
Expert:  DanaDVM replied 13 years ago.
I don't quite agree. There are no toxic aspects to the ingestion, but eating it can be not to great on the stomach at first. If this happened a day or two ago and now the dog is lethargic/vomiting/ or refusing to eat than a vet appt is needed. If this just happened you need to just watch the dog. A vet will not induce vomiting and we will not go after the diaper if it is not causing a partial or complete blockage...that will not be evident immediately. You need to wait it out, and watch the feces. If the dog acts normally and continues to eat than after 2-3 days you should see the parts pass through. If the dog shows signs as above than plan a trip to the vet. They will do xrays/contrast or just proceed to surgery...but ONLY if the dog is sick. Dogs eat tons of stuff they shouldn' just hope the pass it.
Good Luck,