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my dog is breathing hard. 60-70 resp a minute. Is this due to the heat

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My boxer is breathing fast. 60-70 resp a minute. He is a house dog. Our central air is broken. Is this a normal way for him to cool off? He has been breathing like this for hours. Should I be concerned? Should I do anything?
Do you know how hot your home is right now? We had a large dog, a German Shepherd, that once suffered with heavy panting, when our A/C was not working. It may be good to call your emergency vet, and ask them what to do, or what I would do, would be to take a cool washcloth, and wipe his face, and neck area, and take a cool wet towel, and wipe his body if you can. That may cool his temperature down, but still I would call the emergency vet's and check with them. You didn't say if he has any heart problems, or how old he is? Being a large dog, though, or any dog, for that matter, will breath more rapidly through the mouth, with the tongue hanging out, usually, and that helps the dog to cool itself off inside. Give him plenty of cool fresh water, and if you have some ice cubes, see if he can chew on some of those. Don't let him eat too heavily, as that will only put more strain on his body temperature, to compensate for his already fast breathing.

Also, you could take his rectal temperature and if it is above normal, then he could be suffering from heat prostration, even if just mildly. But, please call your vet and double check. Keep your doggy calm, and see if the cool cloths might help.

Take care, and hope you can get your A/C fixed soon. Hot weather is so hard on humans as well as our animals. Especially when we have been accustomed to the cool temperature inside.
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Customer: replied 13 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX in the middle of a remodel project. We are replacing the old unit this week.
The house is 84 degrees. He is 4 years old, and in great health. It is a bit warm on all of us.. The kids are pretty worried. I tried to reassure them he was just tring to cool himself off. The wet rag are a great idea. Thanks.