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Joan, Vet Tech
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Experience:  Vet Tech 35+ years working w/Cats
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My cat is 20. I give her laxatone once a day per vet. She is

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My cat is 20. I give her laxatone once a day per vet. She is usually OK but has episodes.. She vomits.. Then walks around trying to poop.. This sometimes takes half an hour. It wears her out. It is a large turd. The vet says she has arthritis in her hips.. Would this be causing pain for her to move her bowels.


My name is ***** ***** I have been a Vet tech for 35+ years. I am so sorry your Kitty is having problems.

What type of food does she eat?

Does she get any medication for the Arthritis?


Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Hi Joan. Bailey eats Purina dry which she has been eating for quite awhile. She also gets tuna 3 or 4 times a day.. A tablespoon.. She has done this for 5 years.. It's always tuna in water. She does not take arthritis meds as the side effects the vet told me about were not good.

I agree, the medications can be as bad as the Arthritis. The fist thing I suggest is add in some extra water to her diet. Water helps soften the stools. Another trick that may help with her passing stool is add a little fiber to what you are feeding. The best fiber I have found is Pure canned Pumpkin. It can help expedite and make passing easier or if there is loose stools it helps to pull them together. I would speak with your Vet and get approval on this. I think it may help relieve the large dry stools. As far as Arthritis causing pain when trying to pass stool. The longer she stays in a squatting position the more painful her hips may get. If we could soften the stool using Fiber and a little more water intake to give her some relief. You can offer some low sodium chicken broth mixed with water no garlic or conion, this should be acceptable to her for fluids..I do suggest that you get Vet approval on this, since he prescribed the Laxatone. Please hit reply to discuss this information.'


Customer: replied 2 months ago.
She does love her water.. And I make sure she has fresh water all the time. I like the pumpkin idea and will ask my vet tomo. I will also inquire about about the chicken broth. She went to the vet in Jan.. Then after giving her the laxatone she has done really well since.. But has had 3 episodes.. 2 being in the last 24 hours. She snaps back fast tho. Which makes me happy. To you think I could increase her laxatone to twice a day? I will ask vet also.. Thank you for your help.. It's nice to get a second opinion of my fur baby. I also wanwts to tell you every time this happens she vomits badly before...

Aww, so sorry she feels bad when this happens. I think if the Canned Pure pumpkin works you not have to increase the Laxatone. As far as doing it twice a day, it may be worse and cause diarrhea. You need to be cautious as not to cause her diarrhea. Again I defer to the Vet on the Laxatone. I a firm beliver in the Pumpkin and adding broth/water mixture for extra fluids.

If I have addressed your concerns, please take a moment to rate my service 5 stars. I am not paid by the site until I have a positive rating. Once you see the Vet, please come back and let me know what he has to say.


Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you for all of your advice. I will rate you high. Goodnight joan

Thank you and I look forward to an update.


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