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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
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My cat has had chronic congestion for at least a year. I

Customer Question

My cat has had chronic congestion for at least a year. I took him and he was given an oral antibiotic that made him very sick with diahrea. We opted for Convenia. This kept him symptom free for 2 to 3 months at a time. The last round did not work. We did blood tests and all came out issues. Tej only thing they thought was his fangs had abcessed or he had polyps. I took him to another vet and he removed one of his fangs. The side where his fang was removed cleared runny eyes and LESS congestion on that side. Now though, he is barely eating and losing weight. I am worried. I am thinking of taking him for a steroid shot to entice him to eat. He is eating soft foods and small kibble that he still enjoys. DO you think the steroid shot will help. btw he is still congested...less but barely.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. I'll do all I can to help. Is there anything else important you think the veterinarian should know about your cat?
Customer: The mucous is clear. His eyes are clear as well which is good
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Terri replied 8 months ago.

Hello, My name is Terri.
It is my pleasure to assist you today!
I am reviewing your question right now and will reply in a few minutes.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Okay...I will wait.
Expert:  Terri replied 8 months ago.

Hi Sandra,

I am sorry your boy is not feeling well. It is possible a steroid will reduce the congestion and increase appetite. There are other thins you can do.

Make a steam room by running a hot shower in your bathroom. Take him in for ten minute intervals to break up congestion.

Give him L-lysine.

Offer very odorous foods like tuna, salmon, sardines, warm canned cat food or baby food with no onion powder.

Feed small amounts every two hours as that is the best way for his body to metabolize calories and put weight back on.

He can also take antihistamines.

You can add one quarter of a 4 mg chlortrimeten to a tablespoon of baby food chicken or turkey with no onion or garlic.

Give it every 24 hours. It is very tiny so he will not detect it

Any of these are also acceptable:

Benadryl at a dose of 1/2 of a 25 mg tablet given twice daily or

Chlorpheniramine at a dose of 2-4 mg twice a day or

Claritin (Loratadine) at a dose of 2.5-5 mg/cat or

Zyrtec (cetirizine) 5 mg once or twice a day

It is important to ensure that the formulations used contain ONLY the antihistamine and are not combination products (e.g. Claritin-D contains pseudoephedrine, which could cause very significant adverse effects in a cat).

Please let me know how he is doing. Just reply here or if you prefer, we can speak on the phone.

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Kind regards,


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thanks. I have done the lysine and the steam shower as well as the smelly food. It's hard to feed every 2 hours if I work but I will make sure every 2 hours when I can. The vet here told me under no circumstances should I do over the counter meds.....thanks for telling me that I can. I will try those things...thanks.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Didn't know they can gain weight easier if offered every 2 hours. I keep the kibble out when I am gone.
Expert:  Terri replied 8 months ago.

You are more than welcome. It is my pleasure to help such a wonderful person.

The OTC's that should never be given to a cat are tylenol, Ibuprofin or aleve. Antihistamines are fine.

TRy fancy feast or little Friskies canned. They are very smelly.

Warm the food as it awakens the appetite sensors in the brain. Most cats will eat warm baby food chicken.

Did my response help to answer all of the questions that you had? If questions remain, please reply and let me know how I can assist.

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