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Cher, Feline Specialist
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Thank you! A day and a half ago i bought a cat but she has

Customer Question

thank you! A day and a half ago i bought a cat but she has fleas and is only 8 weeks old. I've spent hours brushing her with a flea comb and I've given her two baths. with flea shampoo. There's also PetLock medicine that I've put on her. I dont see anymore fleas but she does scratch every now and then and when i comb her through there is nothing. It might just be soap residue that is irritating her skin since her last bath she wasn't so compliant and i only managed to rinse most of the shampoo off. Is there anything else i can do to make sure she has no more fleas? Her vet visit is tomorrow but I just don't want for her to get bitten anymore.
JA: Is the cat bleeding a lot?
Customer: No, there's only been the blood from the fecal matter that the fleas have dropped. I believe she has a mild case. Only reason I'm saying this is because it took a lot of searching to find the fleas, they were mostly by her tail and even then it didn't seem like a lot.
JA: Have there been any changes in the cat's appearance or diet?
Customer: I just got her a day ago and the previous owners didn't even know she had fleas
JA: Is there anything else you think the vet should know?
Customer: I don't believe so she's behaving normally and her eating and sleeping patterns seem fine.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 9 months ago.

Hi, I'm Cher. Welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm reviewing your question now and will post back with your reply, shortly.

Expert:  Cher replied 9 months ago.

Hello, again.

Congratulations on your new, furry addition!

I'm sorry that she came to you with fleas. She is old enough to be started on a monthly topical flea treatment, sold by your vet, like Advantage, Frontline, etc. Since you have an appointment for her with the vet, tomorrow, wait until then to discuss this with him and ask which flea treatment he would recommend. Of course, you would need to get the kitten version of whichever treatment you and your vet choose. Since you've already used the Pet Lock on her, tell the vet and you might not be able to use another topical flea treatment for a few weeks. I hope she didn't develop any adverse reactions to the Pet Lock.

It's safest not to use any flea treatments sold in supermarkets or pet stores, as they are not effective and have been known to cause serious adverse side effects, some even fatal! The biggest offenders are HARTZ, SERGEANT'S, ZODIAC and many more.

Depending on your location, some pet supply stores will carry Advantage and/or Frontline for kittens, but even if you buy this from your vet, make sure the box says 'for kittens' and is not for adult cats or dogs.

You did the absolute right thing in combing her and bathing her and the best thing to do with bathing, is to use original blue Dawn dishwashing soap. If you don't have that, any dishwashing soap in the house, will do. However, since you bathed her twice already, I would not repeat that, but wait for her to see the vet, tomorrow.

If you feel you may not have rinsed her properly, you can wipe her down with a warm, wet cloth, to remove any residue from her skin/coat.

Even though she doesn't seem to have a bad infestation (thank goodness!), it's possible, once fleas were brought into the house, your home could become infested, so play it by ear, but if you notice any live fleas around your home or on her, after the topical flea treatment is applied, you might have to treat your home, as well.

You can hire an exterminator who specializes in fleas, like Fleabusters, or buy their supplies to treat your home. I would not use their products ON your kitten, just to treat your home.


They have many offices nationwide, so hopefully, there's one near you, if you should need their services. I, personally have used them and they were great!

Another thing you might consider to treat your home is food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). You can sprinkle in in your carpet, along baseboards, under furniture cushions, etc. and it is not harmful for humans or pets.


I hope all will be well with your furry little girl and you will see no more fleas!

Please be so kind as to rate my answer with positive feedback, as that is the only way I receive recognition from the website for my assistance. Thank you very much!

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