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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have loved and owned cats for over 45 years.
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I would like to know if there are any contraindications to

Customer Question

I would like to know if there are any contraindications to giving my cat 1.0cc Depo Medrol
JA: I'll do all I can to help. What seems to be the problem with your cat?
Customer: being treated (with good results) for FLUTD w/gross hematuria with Dex subcutanously q 3 days. Now need to add depo medrol and want to give this subcutaneously as well-any contraindications to subcutaneous depo medrol?
JA: Where does your cat seem to hurt?
Customer: Has dysuria secondary to FLUTD cystitis getting better with steroids
JA: What is the cat's name?
Customer: Einstein
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about Einstein?
Customer: no just want to make sure sub-Q depo medrol is ok instead of IM
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 11 months ago.

Hello, I'm Dr. Deb and will do my best to help you today.

If you're just double checking about any contraindications about giving Depo Medrol subcutaneously (SQ) versus intramuscularly (IM), then there aren't any. I've given this drug SQ for years with no issues. It appears to be well absorbed this way and cats don't appear to be as uncomfortable as when it's given in the muscle.

I'm sure your vet has cautioned you about the chronic use of steroids of any sort since patients may be at risk for developing diabetes but I did want to at least mention it if they hadn't.

I'm also certain that you've increased water consumption, tried to reduce stress (Feliway is sometimes helpful in this respect) and/or possibly started Cosequin for Cats which may help in some of these patients.

I hope this helps. Deb