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Melanie Goble
Melanie Goble,
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Relief Veterinarian/Owner at Renewed Strength Veterinary Services, LLC
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My cat is favoring the left leg or hip. Why is this?

Customer Question

My cat is favoring the left leg/hip. This is the 2nd day. She is eating/drinking good. Right leg slides forward when standing to eat/drink. She lets me rub it although I hardly rub, more like soothing. She is an inside cat, only goes out on a long leash so she can explore a little. Loves to jump up on chairs etc. Hasn't fallen that I know of. Several times she seems to favor both back legs. No swelling, lumps, or sensitive areas noted. She weighs about 7 lbs and is 19 years old. She is usually playful, slowed down somewhat, has cataract. I was wondering about a baby aspirin or something. Arthritis? Thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Melanie Goble replied 1 year ago.
I generally do not recommend aspirin in animals without a very specific diagnosis as it can cause internal bleeding. I am concerned that your cat may have some issues with arthritis, but also, potentially with blood flow to the legs or kidney disease as all of these can cause the signs you describe. It is important to get a diagnosis so that the best treatment can be given. The fact that she is slowing down and not using her legs properly does indicate that she has some pain.
Have you taken her in to see a veterinarian for these problems yet? If not, I do recommend getting in for an exam, blood work, and possibly radiographs (x-rays) to get more information on what is going on. If the radiographs show arthritis and the blood work is good, then there are medications that can be given for pain that are safer to give to cats than aspirin.
If you have any additional questions, I am happy to respond to them.
I hope you get a diagnosis so that your kitty can be comfortable again soon!