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Cher, Feline Specialist
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Why is my fixed female cat peeing on the wall? We had issue

Customer Question

why is my fixed female cat peeing on the wall? We had issue with her using the litter box and we solved that by removing the littel box lid...she apparently did not like that...but just the other day in front of me she pushed against the wall and her tail was shaking and a stream of pee like liquid all over the wall...and I freaked out! We are trying to sell our home and cannot have this nor do we want to bring a dirty kitty to a new home...we have a 3 year old dog that is about 30 lbs and they seem to get along most of the time and even play with each other chasing each other thru the house...not sure if the issue is the cat trying to mark her territory? no idea...but we have made arrangements to give her back to the shelter 3 times and just cant seem to do it...but we also feel we are out of options
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello, and welcome.

My name is ***** ***** I will be glad to assist you.

First, I have a few questions, to get to know the situation better.

How old is your kitty?

What is her name?

How long do you have her?

Does she go outside at all?

Do you have people coming to look at your home, since you're trying to sell it?

Do you have boxes around, as your packing with the intention to move, or did you not start that process, yet?

Thanks for all your additional information. After you reply, please allow me some time to read it, then, compose and send my detailed answer.

Warmest wishes,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

our kitty is aprox 18-24 months old...we have had her about 13 months this issue started about 6-7 months ago her name is***** does not go outside though she would love to...we also have a dog Komodo he is 3 we had him 1st...she is jelous of him and I think that he goes outside...sometimes she smacks him with her paw when he comes in from outside. We have not had a bunch of folks coming in to see the home...but we did have a showing Friday and this did happen Saturday morning...right in front of me...we have not done any packing no change in routine so to speak. the cat and dog do get along though and actually play...but the cat rules the roost

Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello again, and thanks for your very helpful reply about Mylee.

I believe we're dealing with several issues that are causing her spraying. First, I don't think she's jealous, per sé, of Komodo going outside, but when he comes back in, he has all different kinds of smells on him that are strange to her and cause stress/anxiety.

Secondly, the fact that you're planning to move, even though you haven't started any packing, etc., yet, she 'feels' the change in the air and different things going on. When you had the showing on Friday, strangers with different scents (remember, cats base many of their behaviors on scents) came into each room, were talking, etc., and this bothered her and also caused stress. The fact that she sprayed right in front of you has no meaning to her; she doesn't know that it's wrong, because to her, it is instinctive. She felt nervous that these strange/different people, scents and voices, might want to take her home away, so she sprayed territorially. This is very common in some cats who may feel insecure about their space.

Here are some suggestions to help stop the spraying. First, I would have her seen by the vet and have a urinalysis done, just to make sure this behavior is not caused by any underlying medical problem.

Purchase some Feliway plug in diffusers and place around the house. These emit cat calming pheromones that are effective in dealing with stress/anxiety and also, inappropriate spraying and elimination. You can find this product at any major pet supply store and I think Walmart carries it, as well. Some vet offices sell it or you can order online. I would also suggest getting Feliway spray, and I will explain why, below. Here is more information:


You can use the Feliway spray on the door frames of doors leading to the outside and also spray the window frames/window sills inside, with it. You might also spray these areas outside, but, of course, if it rains, it will be washed away. When you spray inside, don't allow your pets access to the area for 30 minutes, until it's completely dry.

It's very important that you clean the areas where she soils, well, to remove all stains and odors so she doesn't return to the same places. Use an enzyme based cleaner like Nature's miracle, Zero Odor, Odor Mute or many others, available in your pet supply store and sometimes, Walmart carries these types of cleaners. After you clean, allow to dry and then spray a light mist of Feliway over the spot (again, allow to dry completely) and this will make her think she has already 'marked' there, so she won't return.

Try to keep things as calm as possible for her at this time; show her a lot of loving, play with toys and offer healthy cat treats as rewards and praise her for using the litterbox and just for being good. When you have a showing, put her in a room with a closed door with her food, water, litterbox, toys, etc. and when it's time to show that room, remove her to another that has been seen already. Also, take one of your old t-shirts and pet her with it a few times a day, so she smells your familiar, comforting scent on it and this might make her feel more secure.

If you have only one litterbox, it would be a good idea to add another one in a different area.

I hope you found my answer helpful and things will improve with Mylee, soon! However, remember that there are going to be strangers walking around the house, as you have more showings and eventually you will start packing, moving furniture to different locations in the house, and all this action will contribute to her anxiety. There are other over the counter products you can use for anxiety, which are oral; one is Rescue Remedy for Pets, sold in pet stores or ordered online and the other is Composure chews. Try EITHER of them, but not both--they both can't be given concurrently.

There is also a collar with calming pheromones, like the ones in Feliway-- one is Sentry Good Behavior collar for cats and the other is called Nurturecalm. You can try one of these and see how it goes.

If none of the over the counter products help, discuss with your vet, a prescription anti-anxiety medication just for short term use, like Clomicalm, which helps with territorial spraying. Here is more information:


If you need any additional information, just click 'reply' and I will be glad to continue.

Please take a moment to rate my answer with positive feedback, so I may receive credit from the site for my time and assistance. Thank you very much!

Warmest regards,