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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Feline Healthcare & Behavior Specialist 40+ years Experience
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I rescued mature female manx 3 years ago in the desert, my

Customer Question

I rescued mature female manx 3 years ago in the desert , my question is why is this cat so obsessed with kneading which borders on sexual responce which started in the last 2-3 weeks?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello, and welcome!

I will need some additional information in order to better assist you.

Bless you for rescuing this furry girl! What is her name?

Approximately how old do you think she is? (or has the vet given you an educated guess as to her age?)

After you took her in, did you have her examined, spayed and vaccinated, etc. (blood work) done by the vet?

Is she an 'only' cat?

Why do you say the kneading is bordering on sexual response? What behavior is she exhibiting that causes you to think that?

Is she showing any symptoms of being in heat?

Is she eating, drinking, eliminating and playing as usual?

Have there been any changes in the household within the past 2-3 weeks, since you first noticed this new behavior?

Thanks for all your additional information and after you reply, please allow me some time to read through it and then compose and send your detailed answer.

Warmest regards,


Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello, again.

From your description, it sounds like your kitty just loves to knead (this is a security behavior that goes back to when she was nursing from mom--the kittens will knead around the teat to help the milk come down). Some cats are big kneaders and others rarely or never do it. Sometimes, they seem to go into a trance and will even salivate while needing (again, going back to the nursing).

If your girl is spayed, she should not be exhibiting any sexual behavior, unless her spay was incomplete* or she is having a hormonal problem. If she is not spayed, this may be related to her aggressive kneading and she should be evaluated by her vet and spayed, asap. If she hasn't been to the vet since you found her, definitely make an appointment for a physical and the vet should be able to tell if she's been spayed or may have to do an x-ray and blood work (to check her hormone levels), if not 100% sure from the physical exam.

*An incomplete spay is when some ovarian tissue is accidentally left behind and is enough to release hormones making her go into heat. You likely would have seen symptoms of estrus or heat before now, if she was not spayed.

If she does this aggressive kneading on your legs/lap and her claws are sharp, make sure to have them trimmed, so she doesn't hurt you and you can also keep a blanket or towel on your lap/legs, when she kneads, so it hurts less.

If she's eating, drinking, eliminating, playing and acting as usual, that's great, but a vet visit, to investigate this new aggressive kneading would be advisable.

I hope all will be well with your furry girl and you found my answer helpful.

Please be so kind as to rate my answer with positive feedback; that is the only way I receive credit for my assistance. Thank you very much!

Providing a positive rating will not end our conversation, should you need me for any follow-up. Simply click 'Reply' for clarification or additional information, if needed, and I will be glad to continue.

Warmest regards,

Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

I'm just following up with you to make sure you received my answer and to see if you need help with anything else.

I hope you found my answer helpful and if so, please let me know, here, and/or rate with positive feedback, so that I will receive credit for my time and assistance. Thank you very much!

Rating will not prevent you from replying and asking more questions related to this topic, for no additional charge.

My primary goal is always your 100% satisfaction and the good health and well being of your furry girl!

Warmest wishes,


Expert:  Cher replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

I'm just checking in to see how your kitty is doing. I hope all is well, and please let me know if you need any further information, or if my answer covered everything you needed to know. Thanks!

Warmest regards,