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Category: Cat
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Experience:  Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.
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My new kitten keeps ssing at me reason at all. Should i be

Customer Question

My new kitten keeps hissing at me for no reason at all. Should i be worried?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

Hi there. My name is ***** ***** I'm happy to help you with your question today. Just like an in person consult, I have a couple questions of my own to help ensure I give you the best advice possible.....

How long have you had the kitten?

How old is the kitten?

Do you have other pets?

Can you explain what you are doing when the kitten hisses at you?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ive had the kitten for about six days now and my friend said the kitten was about a month old. When the kitten hisses i walk away because i have little kids. The kitten would still play with me and let me pet but now it seems the kitten doesnt want to be bothered with me but likes my son
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
When the kitten hisses i dont come near.
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

So this kitten is only 4 weeks old?
What are you feeding it?

Has it been vet checked?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They were giving it soft and hard food so thats what im giving and no i havent. Appointment next week
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

Great. Thanks for the additional information. I really appreciate it.

Kittens learn how to interact with their environment through watching their mother and siblings and by play fighting with them. If this kitten is truly only 1 month old, then it's possible the hissing you're seeing is because she doesn't know how to correctly interact with you and her environment.

If she truly is only 1 months of age, then I would have to urge you to get her back with her mother and littermates so they can teach her how to interact correctly.

If she's actually older than 1 month of age, then it's possible the hissing is actually her playing and you're handling things exactly right. When she hisses at you, the best thing to do is end play time so that she learns that bad behavior means the fun ends.

Kittens aren't like puppies who crave our attention. Cats are, by nature, really independant, so odds are she's decided that your son is her favorite, and may really never warm up to anyone else. But that can change too.

At this point, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
do i give the kitten back because the first couple of days, the kitten was very social with me and now it doesnt want to be bothered
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

It's hard to say. If she's only a month old, then yes, she needs to be with her mom.

If she's older, then you could get her vet checked to make sure there's no medical problem causing this new behavior and make your decision from there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
what happens if i cant give back to her mom because my friend were giving the other kittens away as well
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

Then you can talk to your vet about options. It's not completely impossible to raise a kitten this young, but if you don't feel like you can do it, and if they won't put her back with the mom, then it might not be a bad idea to call your local humane society and see if they can take her and find a foster mom for her until she's old enough to be away.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
what can i do to help the kitten adjust because i love the cat and so does my son
Expert:  CVT_in_MN replied 1 year ago.

You could look into getting a Feliway diffuser...they're a man made version of the calming pheromone that a nursing queen gives off to help the kittens relax and nurse.

You can find them online at places like Amazon or Drs. Foster And Smith, or at your own vets office. That may help.