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My cat vomited undigested food along with some hair early

Customer Question

My cat vomited undigested food along with some hair early Tuesday morning around 3 am. It smelled much fouler than other times I've experienced cat vomit. I noticed later in the morning that he was grooming around his anus and realized that he also has diarrhea. He did not eat any of his breakfast that morning. When I came home from work I tried to tempt his with some kibble, he is normally fed a raw diet. He only nibbled on a few bits of kibble and then did not eat for the rest of the day. I ended up checking out the litterbox late last night and he passed stool that was mostly made up of hair. This morning he ate a little bit of his food and passed stool that was a little more solid than it has been. Everything I read online is scaring me into thinking he has a bowel obstruction from a hairball he cannot pass.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Dear *****,

I am sorry your fur baby is not feeling well. I don't think he has a bowel obstruction because if he did he would not have had diarrhea.The raw food may have had a little bacteria. When cats eat canned food, the oil content cuts down on hairballs

Add a few drops of salmon oil to his food.

For today and tomorrow, feed him chicken or turkey baby food with no onion or garlic.

Add one quarter of a ten mg pepcid a/c (famotidine) to a tablespoon of baby food every 12 hours.

NO DRY food for 48 hours. He may return to his normal diet Saturday.

Give him one half tsp a day of plain yogurt for 7 days for good bacteria

Please let me know how he is doing. Reply here or if you prefer we can speak on the phone.

Please be so kind as to rate my answer with positive feedback; that is the only way I receive credit for my assistance. Thank you very much!

Providing a positive rating will not end our conversation, should you need me for any follow-up. Simply click 'Reply' for clarification or additional information, if needed, at no additional charge.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you! He ate a teeny bit of baby food last night but I can't get him to eat the yogurt. He had no appetite again this morning and wouldn't eat anything. He just ate about a tablespoon of baby food. He still has diarrhea. This will be the third day now. I'm starting to get very worried.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
After 3 days is it possible for this to clear up with bland diet or is he going to need antibiotics?
Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Hi Amanda,

You are more than welcome. It is my pleasure to help such a wonderful person.

Can you add a tablespoon of rice cereal or boiled white rice to the baby food to clear up the diarrhea?It is possible to clear this up with a bland diet if he eats it.

Drain the water from a can of tuna into a bowl. See if he will lap it up for hydration.

If he does offer some tuna.

If he does not, I feel he should be seen by his vet. He may have an infection or severe GI upset.

If he will not eat and drink he will need SubQ fluids an antibiotic and an anti-diarrhea medication.

here are two Vets that offer a free first visit:

Please let me know if he eats and how he is doing

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I was able to get him to eat the rice cereal mixed with baby food by adding tuna water. I hope this help because his stool is completely liquid and a weird orange color
Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

OK Amanda,

Continue with the baby food and rice cereal for today and tonight. BUT if he is not better by morning, I want him to see a vet first thing.

I am also concerned about dehydration so let him lap up tuna water as much as he wants.