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Dr. Andy
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Took Tessa to the vet who gave her an antibiotic ointment

Customer Question

Took Tessa to the vet who gave her an antibiotic ointment for her weepy eye and her sneezes he gave her antibiotic paste. Her mother had the cat flu as did her sibling before I took her away. her right eye is now closed and the other eye is weepy.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 1 year ago.


What is name of the ointment going in the eye?

Any sneezing?

What is name of the antibiotic paste?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Eye oinment is Chlorsig 1%
Paste is Vibravet 100 PasteYes she is sneezing but she's eating normally and playing normally.
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 1 year ago.

Okay. Chlorshig is a antibiotic called Chloramphenicol. I wanted to confirm that there was no neomycin in the eye medication, as pets can react unfavorably to it.

But, if the eye medication is not working or the eye is getting progressively worse, you may need to ask the vet about changing the eye medication to terramycin or tobramycin drops instead.

Vibravet is doxcycyline which is a good antibiotic for most routine upper respiratory infections.

I would ask the vet about also starting a lysine supplement like Enisyl or Viralys. This is really important when we think the primary problem is a underlying viral condition like herpes which has caused a subsequent secondary bacterial infection. Might help some.

You definitely will want to schedule a recheck examination for the eyes and possibly get a different ophthalic medication.

Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
okay thank you. I will book an appointment to see the vet tonight
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 1 year ago.

Sounds like a plan.

There are definitely options for other oral antiibotics and eye medications to try if not responding favorably.

Good Luck. I hope my responses were satisfactory.

Dr. Andy