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I have a cat who is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with

Customer Question

Customer: I have a cat who is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. The vet started him on a prescription cat food and meds but my daughter couldn't afford the food or meds. Now I am in charge of the cats; welfare and I want to do the best for him. The yellowing in his eyes, nose and skin has gone away and he eats all the time, but cries for more(which I don't think what she's feeding is good for him, it's just regular store bought), and she hasn't given him any meds in a month. He has lost a lot of weight, he used to be 18 lbs before he got sick. Acts lethargic and sometimes weaves when he walks. He's such a sweet cat, I want to make him better, I don't think he has a fever and still cuddles up to me, but seems sick alot. I started him on Cat Milk Thistle a month ago, I bought it from Pet Wellbeing and have been giving him 10 drops every AM. Please tell me what kind of cat food I should be giving him and how often, how much Milk Thistle I should be giving him and what meds he should be on? He weighs about 10lbs. Thank you for your time My name is ***** ***** Smith
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: Well, the cat was diagnosed about 4 months ago with the disease, he belongs to my daughter, but at this point, she can't afford the meds or food, so I have taken over with his health.
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Dear Kay,

Bless you for getting Misty to 8 years of age!

Howling at water bowl is a symptom of underhydation. When he kidneys do not work perfectly, the cat can get dehydrated and constipated. You can give her one to two ounces of whole milk every other day. It is a natural laxative.

She can also have tuna water drained from the can 3 times a week.

Older cats experience confusion but it is usually related to hearing or other sensory loss.When an older cat begins howling at night it is almost always associated with hearing loss. The cat is not totally deaf but her hearing is reduced and her own voice sounds so DIFFERENT to her she will go around howling so she can test the tonal quality of her voice much like hearing impaired humans speak loudly or nasal.

There are several things you can do. Play a radio softly at night so she does not "hear" so much quiet. Leave a soft light on so she does not "see" so much darkness. Get some feliway plugins as these will calm her down, she can get very anxious at night. You can get them at some pet supplies or

Older cats suffer from other deminished senses as well. Loss of sight, smell and hearing can cause confusion and disorientation. This is quite disturbing to your baby Kitty dementia is quite common at ths age too.

There are vet scripted drugs like anapril that can be very helpful for dementia want to try homeopaths first, get rescue remedy at a pet supply or products at:

It is best to feed her canned food because it contains 60% water.

Turkey contains l-triptophan and is sleep inducing.

Please let me know how Misty is doing. I will always be here for you.

Please be so kind as to rate my answer with positive feedback; that is the only way I receive credit for my assistance. Thank you very much!

Providing a positive rating will not end our conversation, should you need me for any follow-up. Simply click 'Reply' for clarification or additional information, if needed, at no additional charge.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.


I apologize because I accidentally posted an answer to your question that was meant for another customer.

I sincerely ***** ***** to help you with the correct information.

The recommended dose of milk thistle is 10 mg per lb once a day:

Denosyl which is SAMe can heal the liver:

I would let him eat as much as he wants because FOOD is the cure for Hepatic lipidosis:

Feed him small, frequent meals as that is the best way for his body to metabolize calories. That way, he can put the weight he lost back on safely.

The type of food is not as important and the quantity. It should be high in protein, low in carbs and as grain free as possible.

You can find natural foods at Petco:

Please let me know how he is doing. I will always be here for you. If you wish to discuss anything in more detail just reply.