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Candy R.
Candy R., Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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Candy it's Misa's mom! I wanted to tell you that we are

Customer Question

Hello Candy it's Misa's mom! I wanted to tell you that we are back in Austria. Misa handled the long trip somehow, and he was ok when we arrived, well more or less..

I have been feeding him more than usual for months now, and he is not gainging even a little bit of weight and is pretty underweight, which my family back in Kosovo noticed too. Also he has been walking funny with his rear legs, it is more noticeable in one leg than it is on the other. A friend in Kosovo also noticed the way he walks is a bit funny although I didn't mention it to him . And today I simply can't ignore it. He has been crying out whenever my hand touches his lower back ( a bit more than usual) for a few weeks, and it is very obvious it has been hurting him for a while. Also he has been drinking more than usual lately.

I know the vet once said that his disc is a bit rounded up around the ednges, but when she showed me on the xray that time it was barely noticeable, and also she said it was the disc right under his shoulder blades, and Misa is having pain on the other end of his spine, around his lower back and hips and legs I think. He hasn't been in the best mood lately either. He is eating and drinking, he wants to be pet and purrs too but generally he has been complaining a lot lately and sometimes he would want to stay on my lap, but meow a lot if i touch him, do the same if I didn't touch him, so sometimes I don't know what he wants from me or what to do. And his coat hasn't been in a good condition either.

I know it is supposed to hurt a lot if they have a blood clot, and I do nooot think it is that, but I have to tell you what a friend told me about her cat to make sure I told you everything and to rule it out for sure. A girl I know here in Austria told me a few weeks ago that her cat had the same problem with her legs when she was only 3, and it would go away for a while and then she would have problems with her hind legs again. And although she was eating and everything, when my friend sent her to the vet, he told her her cat had a blood clot and there wasn't much they could do and they had to put her down. I just want to rule that out for sure because I would never be able to put my baby down, ever. And she didn't hear the cat cry out in pain or anything.

I think he has been urinating and drinking more often lately, I have to make sure and really keep a close eye on how often he is urinating though, but he is drinking more for sure.

Although I have to say that, until recently, although he has been drinking water many times a day, he has been urinating much less, maybe once a day or once every 24 hours. Now it is more often, I am not sure what is going on there since I have not been looking at his peeing habits lately at all :(. I know he used to drink after every meal/ snack, now it is that, and drinking unrelated to his meals/snacks too ), I remember a month ago I had to feed him wet food, but it was only for a day, and although he didnt drink that day, he urinated two times, like he did when he was on wet food. Maybe I need to mix the wet food version of the royal canin s/o into his diet too.

If you remember last febuary when he had those blood and urine tests done, some of the things were a bit elevated, like his amylasse over 3000 and his pH level 7.5. Do you think those levels could have gotten worse by now?

Also, I am truly sorry for this very loong post! But I have not talked to you in ages, and I hope you take a bit of time to read it and I hope you understand everything, because sometimes I am not able to explain things at all, and the way I write can be a bit difficult to understand! Thank you soo very much in advance!! Hope you have been well!

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Candy R. replied 2 years ago.

Hello. I am sooo glad to hear from you . I have been worried. I know you tried to write in to me a few times but the old question had gotten so long that the system simply would not allow me to open it. What are doing up so early it is close to 5 am there right?

Before we go any further I want to quiet your fears that this is a blood clot. I have been a tech for 26 years 14+ of those years in emergency medicine. I have never seen a cat that had to be euthanised for a blood clot that was not in extreme pain. A blood clot stops the flow of blood to the leg so basically the leg is getting no blood and is dying off so you can imagine how painful that is.

How old is Misa now?

Has his appetite increased at all?

Explain to me more how he is walking does it look anything like this video of a cat with diabetic neuropathy LINK

Just so I make sure we are both on the same page the area he seems to be painful is in the lower back and not actually the leg correct?

Expert:  Candy R. replied 2 years ago.

I am going offline for the night but I will get back with you first thing in the morning