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Candy R.
Candy R., Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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Lynn. Hope you have some ideas we haven't tried. About 4-5

Customer Question

Hi Lynn. Hope you have some ideas we haven't tried. About 4-5 months ago, our 19-year old Black Bombay cat stopped using the litter box to poop, but was still tinkling. It started by him going right in front of the box, then he migrated into other rooms always seeming to get it on carpet. About 6 weeks ago, we started noticing he wasn't using the litter box to tinkle and our carpet was being used for that corners but specifically in front of closed doors. There has been no change in his litter, name or type and his box is in the same place it has been for 2 1/2 years. We've tried repelent sprays, odoban, pinesol, and a dozen others including expensive products from pet stores and veterinarians. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might have.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't want any memberships....I just want to get my answer and that's all. How do I stop the process of money coming out of my checking account. There was no option for just one answer.
Expert:  Candy R. replied 2 years ago.

Hello. I apologize that no one has assisted you yet. Different experts come on at different times and I just signed in and saw your question.

My name is ***** ***** I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years. I am also taking classes to become certified in feline behavior. I would be happy to try to help if you would still like assistance.

If you would still like assistance could you please answer the following questions. If you would like a refund and to close out the question please just let me know and I can take care of that for you as well.

Has anything in the house changed? Any thing at all, has someone moved in or out, any new pets, have you noticed any strays outside are your house, etc?

Have you had recent blood work and a urinalysis preformed by your vet?

Any previous or existing medical conditions?

Does he seem to be peeing more often?

Have you ever used a product called Urine Off?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Same house, same location for feeding and litter, same household members for 2 1/2 years, approximately same food form 6-8 months with the exception of hard food. Simba had a mouth cancer last October and it was extremely hard for him to chew hard food. He now eats it, however, after being softened in broth.
In October, 2014, a complete bloodwork was run on Simba at which time they said he had the blood of a 7 year-old cat and that all his signs were excellent. He went through anesthesia and surgery with absolutely no complications and came home the very next day. The cancer is now visable, but according to the vet, has grown very little.
In 2001, Simba went through a housefire at which time he was lost outside for 8 weeks. Since he was an indoor cat, the fear was that he would never survive. The day before the insurance company was to come and carry the mobile home in which his family lived away, a neighbor spied Simba going into an open window in the house. We went immediately to get him and found him hold up in the insulation underneath the trailer. He had lost from 19 to 9 pounds, his sinuses were clogged with fiberglass from the insulation and he was scared of everybody. He spent 2 weeks at the vet, 1 week under oxygen and the other just getting built up. Simba gained back part of his weight and it was discovered he had diabetes about 10 years ago and was urinating at an alarming rate. He was put on insulin, his sugar checked daily and he ate Science Diet food. Since then, he has lost 8 pounds and his sugar returned to normal , as did his urinating. He only weighs a little under 10 pounds now, and at last check was within the normal range. He does, however, seem to be urinating more frequently than he was a month ago. The talk about cats having 9 lives....well, this one surely has. He is the most loving cat, plays and gets along with his 'beagle sister', and is a joy to be around. He is my grandkitty and I love him so very much. I just need something to help him and my poor carpet !!
To answer your question about urine off, I am pretty sure that has been in our arsenal of attack. I feel if I could just get rid of what is already in the floor, treat it with something that would last and something to cause him to return to the litter box, I'd have won half the battle.
He also does his stool in the floor in front of his litterbox or in front of the inner doorways of the house where doors are closed. (I believe I put that in my first conversation.I was unaware there was a membership involved. I just though you paid once, got one answer and that was it. Obviously, my 'senior brain' is working overtime. I will start the free trial now because if I can get results, it is well worth $29 !! Just let me know if $ 29.00 has already been deducted from my account, the date of the transaction and when it will be drafted again (when would I need to cancel, should I so desire?).
Expert:  Candy R. replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for all the great information. It sounds like Simba is a true fighter. I have nothing to do with billing this is all handled by Justanswer, I am simply an independent consultant. I will be happy to forward you over to their customer service once we are finished and they can direct you on the billing information.

From what you have described their could be a number of things going on here.

If he has not had recent blood work ( meaning in the last 3-6 months) then this has to be the first step since he is also urinating more frequently.

What we would want to look at is his current glucose levels and his kidney values. Kidney disease is by far the number one problem we see in senior cats and this will often cause inappropriate urination.

Now the fact that he is also defecating out of the box is also a key bit of information. More then 70% of cats over the age of 15 will begin to suffer from a condition called Feline Cognitive Dysfunction. This is similar to Dementia/senility in humans and not using the litter box is one of the more common symptoms. I am going to give you a link that goes over this in more detail. LINK

We also have to look at things like arthritis in a senior cat that make it difficult for them to get in and out of the box.

There are a few things we can try but a vet visit really has to be in the top of the list.

Cleaning the areas as you have been doing is very important. Look at the urineoff website to see if you recognize the bottle as something you have used in the past. If not give this a try. We have tried every product on the market for the clinic and urineoff is by far the best product we have found for removing and breaking down urine enzymes. This is guaranteed so if it does not work they will refund your money LINK

Try getting a litter box with a low opening such as this one LINK

If he is going on the carpet I would also put a box out with just a carpet remnant in it. You can get this small pieces of carpet at most dollar trees or even check with your local carpet supply store as they often just throw away small ends of carpet. Bath rugs can work too and are washable. I know not the optimum idea but much better then him going on your home carpet.

When all else fails with senior cats we often have to get something such as a closed puppy play yard leaving the cat in there when they can not be watched. These are large enough that he would have plenty of room for food , water, litter box, bed toys etc. Here is one we often suggest for our clients. Wow this a great price as well LINK

I hope this helps give you some options to try after making sure this is not due to a medical condition ( which I really suspect it is). Please reply back if you have additional questions and I will be happy to continue. If all of your questions have been answered please take a few minutes to provide a rating so I am recognized by justanswer for assisting you. Also please let me know when so that I can forward you over to customer service to discuss billing.


Expert:  Candy R. replied 2 years ago.
Hi Wanda,
I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Candy R.