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Christian K.
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CHristian, Unfortunately it's me again. Marcello was

Customer Question

Hi CHristian, Unfortunately it's me again. Marcello was operated on friday and had a 2cm tumor removed (biopsy due thurs or fri) . I am already regretting letting the surgeon take the whole tumour rather than a small biopsy as it has been a huge blow to
Marcello with inadequate post op pain relief (had to be readmitted sun-tues for IV pain relief so he would start eating) The surgeon warned that it was a "tension wound" as he had to take so much flesh. He warned his nose may be pulled to one side of his face.
When I picked him up tuesday evening I noticed a funky smell around his mouth that I though was strange but knew he had just eaten so thought perhaps it was the pet food. When I got him home I water sprayed & dried the area and thats when I noticed the lip
edge of the excision looked a little soft and had a little 2mm pussy hole. SO I took him back in this afternoon. The surgeon 'cleaned up the area and took a couple of stitches in the infected area out. The surgeon said unfortunately it would now take a little
longer to heal with this setback. We jumped in the car and within 5 blocks I looked at Marcello and the wound had split almost 0.75" (The full incision is about 1.5inches from his lip up to near his eye area). I drove back in a complete panic as it looked
so confronting and I was of course terrified the rest of the wound would split open. The surgeon came up and said we could still take him home despite the fact I am clearly distressed and overwhelmed and shocked that he would even suggest that I take a Cello
home with such a major exposed and infected wound. I said there was no way that I qualified to look after such a wound (it's about the size of a dime). I really really regret I okayed such a big operation instead of just a small biopsy to see what kind of
neoplasm it was first. My repeated requests to talk to an oncologist have been met with resistance saying they will not meet with me till the biopsy results are in> I feel that if I had have been able to meet with the oncologist before hand and he had told
me that 70% of facial tumors carry a poor prognosis of max 3 months life, I wouldn't have allowed such major surgery before knowing whether Cello's cancer was treatable or not. I feel like I have allowed Cello to go through a devastating procedure that has
completely beaten him up and will be beyond upset the cancer falls in the 70% poor prognosis category. Fast forward to tonight. I told the doctor he had to keep him monitored at the hospital and I insisted on IV pain meds (Doctor was still pushing for oral)
I just spoke to a friend who is a human doctor who was surprised that he is not on morphine with IV antibiotics. I called the clinic to ask them to please put him across onto IV antibiotics but was met with resistance from the on duty doctor as she didn't
want to make decisions on the surgeons patient (the surgeon also happens to be the Medical DIrector at the clinic). I said I was very upset at how Cello's case has been handled, that the surgeon only put him on IV pain killers because I insisted and I was
worried that the ball keeps being dropped on him and I am worried if we don't give Cello the best possible and powerful meds right know his chances of beating this infection and recovering satisfactorily diminish. The doctor has gone to consult another doctor
as to whether they should switch him over to IV meds (she personally admitted he would be on them if he was her patient) WHat do you think I should do? I am so worried for Marcello...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Christian K. replied 1 year ago.

Good morning. I'm sorry to hear you and Marcello have had such a rough time after the surgery. It's hard for me to judge the need for IV pain meds and antibiotics under these circumstances but I can tell you that cats heal from infection very well in most cases and even a hole that size will tend to heal although it may take several weeks. While I'm sure it looks rough, trust me that with time the surgery site will heal. As for IV antibiotics, it is extremely rare that I put any patients on IV antibiotics for a surgery like this because the length of time to heal is too long to continually give them. Oral antibiotics or long acting injections of antibiotics (under the skin) are my treatment of choice. The only time I use IV antibiotics is when there is clear sepsis and body wide infection and it doesn't sound like that is the situation with Marcello. Based on what you've described, I think he will just fine. As for the oncologist, they honestly won't be able to tell you much of anything useful until they've got the results of the testing, before that everything is pure conjecture.