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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
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Experience:  Expert in feline health and behavior. 20 years experience with cats.
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I have had this grown cat than a year. The initial

Customer Question

I have had this grown cat for less than a year. The initial vet that i took him to for shots looked him over then said that he was in great health . He looked at his teeth and gums and said that they were fine. I am not sure how thorough he was but he is older been doing this all of his life. He refused to shave his bottom and i was wanted to protect the cat from trauma since I think we were to early in the trust phase. I was just asking because the summer sweltering heat hit. He said not needed and also that he would simply not do it. I felt like he didn't like it and he said that grooming a cat under sedation to him was not wise. He said would be fine . Well that's totally different behavior with the vet than me. Anyway took the cat to a different vet because he did get some hair balls although he is really clean. I put some natural oils on him for fleas and he probably did not want to clean there with the taste of that ( i spilled it on my hans and he got bad matts on both sides of his hinnie where i put the oil. SO took him to emergency pet vet ( for sedation) he did not want to sedate either. Here is my question , he a younger ( way mo9re expensive vet - know it all ( different bedside manner opposite first vear. Looked in his mouth and said that because one of his teeth was dark color that it had to come out, his gums are o.k. no inflammation or signs that it hurts. I also read that some breeds of cats do have the darker coltred teeth. The darkness on the gums the first vet said was normal . So what s your third opinion on the teeth or tooth. how about grooming some say i should to desensitize him to it. Others say not to worry unless mats. Yes i do work with trusting me to brush daily and have seen some trust developing for him with me.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Terri replied 2 years ago.
Bless you for rescuing Key-Key!
Please tell me more about him.
Is he a long haired cat with thick pants hair?
Does the tooth hurt him or give him any discomfort?
Is he eating well?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Bless me I guess, but i am so green to this. Now I let him out this morning , he was just really demanding it at 5 am. Today is the 4th and it is 8:Pm. I could not get him to come in and called a couple of times every half hour till I left at noon. No key Key . Unusual and i got worried, so back now and worried that he might run off because of the fireworks tonight.My neighbor saw him a couple of hours ago but again he's just not here. He usually is out there every time although this has happened a couple of times in the 7 or 8 months that i have had him. Just never on the 4th. I am worried . This is another question that seems to have two different sides. One neighbor has a cat door and leaves and never worries , her cat is allways there. Other people say never let them out at night. I have made her stay in , but mostly i hear i will cause her to much anxiety if i do that , so how am I supposed to all ways get it right on letting him out. At least I am not Out in the country , but it is only about an hour away and I know personally that there are in fact Coyotes if he went that far. Sorry this is not my original question , but i feel like i need to deal with what is up now before i can think about much else regarding him. What to do and How can people be so convinced that they are right in the old in and out routiene.?

Expert:  Terri replied 2 years ago.
Hi Mary Ellen,
Has Key come home?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I did pay for the original question so maybe you will still answer. Yes he came home and I got very side tracked but I was wondering about the tooth. he is long hair and no signs that it is really bothering him. I think that what is bothering him though is his back. He has a funny swagger when he walks. He is just way to sensitive I think about touching his back . Picking him up and or brushing him. Intuitively I really do feel like there is something wrong so I need to have a chiropractor check him out I think. It is not normal for a cat to be that sensitive is it. I should haver told him what I was doing but I tried to ssneak putting his flea medicine on him today and he just like got shocked like completely traumatized. then last night after a lot of scratching on his little head and neck he layed down by me . I am trying to de sencitise him so that he will let me detangle him more so I was just like touching orrubbng his back and at tfirst he was ok but he stoped purring and then after a while he just jumped up and bit me really hard. do you think it would help him if I just never let him out maybe get him on some meds at first , I feel like we go a few steps forward on the brushing and the scardy cat and then we are back to before all of the work decencitising him. Thank you. this may be another question which is o.k. I guess. except I wasn't clear on the answer my take was that some kinds of long hairs can have a dark tooth or two just naturally , so I decided not to worry over what the second vet said. you the first vet said that his teeth were fine. sorry to be a bit scattered but it does seem like these issues kind of dove tail in with each other. Tooth pain causing back sensitivity or touch- without overt signs of mouth pain- back sensitivity and tolerance for interacting with me and the bush - better if indoor cat and finally does a bit of a swagger mean that hi has some pain. he fat tummy and back by tail it tapers down but quite a remarkable difference. I think maybe that could be an injury. I cant feel his spine all of the way down his back it like go's away around the quarters way sown behind where is tummy gets fat and I just don't feel a pronounced spine any more. don't think that is structurally right come to think of it. I don't know.please let me know beforey ou do if you are going to post this as an actual new question. I am kind of thinking I should get one more answer out of the july 2 dollar payment on your last question . I am no longer free to ask all month and I am paying per question either answer or just let it go if I have to pay. we will c**t it off as journaling out concerns to shed them . hahah

Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Hi Mary Ellen, Thanks for your reply. I do NOT think he tooth has to be removed. You're right, cats can have different colored teeth. I would only pull a tooth if it was decayed or hurting him so just leave it alone. Don't try to remove mats yourself. Just have a groomer do a lion cut twice a year. Key Key will like adorable like that and be comfortable. I don't think there is anything wrong with his back either.

Many male cats walk with a swagger.

He just gets overstimulated when he is touched there. If you do brush him yourself just do a little bit at a time.Don't wait till he gets upset. The trick is to watch his body language and stop brushing the instant you see his tail swish or his ears go back. He does not need medication he just needs time and patience. It is best to keep him indoors with all the dangers in your neighborhood.Please let me know if you ,wish to talk further. Love, Terri

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