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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat
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Hey. My cat has making wrenching noises like she is about to

Customer Question

Hey. My cat has making wrenching noises like she is about to bring up a hairball she has been since this morning but no hairball has passed. She just came upstairs with her mouth open breathing through it and sneezed... I feel like her heart rate has been faster today than normal as she sits next to me while I work I noticed her chest moving faster than normal but I presumed it's cause I'd taken her into the sun for a little while. She is one year old Persian cross she has eaten today and drunk water and been to the toilet. Is it a hair ball or is she sick? She is an indoor cat although I take her on the terrace on a lead - many thanks. Helen
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 2 years ago.

Hello, Helen and welcome!

My name is ***** ***** it will be my pleasure to help you and Bonnie.

I'm sorry no one had answered you earlier and appreciate your patience.

How is she doing now? Has her breathing slowed to normal? Is she still mouth breathing?

When you take her out on the terrace on the lead, is the lead attached to her collar or a harness?

Does she have access to any plants, flowers, grasses, on the terrace?

Could she have gotten into any toxic or non-food items in the house?

Thanks for all your additional information and after you reply, please allow me some time to read through it and then, compose/send your detailed answer.

Warmest wishes,

Expert:  Cher replied 2 years ago.
Hi again, Helen.

My apologies; I meant to send you an answer even though I hadn't heard back from you, but the most important thing is, how is Bonnie doing now?

Her symptoms could have been the beginnings of a URI (upper respiratory infection) and her nose is/was stuffy, so she was mouth breathing and breathing faster than usual, because she was stuffy. It's also possible that she has developed a bacterial or viral infection and may have a fever. If you can take her temperature, use a regular rectal thermometer or a digital one and lubricate the end with plain Vaseline or plain KY Jelly. Normal for cats is between 100.5 and 102.5.

If she has a stuffy nose, you can run a humidifier in the rooms where she spends the most time (don't add any medicated ointment to it) and you can also run a hot shower to steam up your bathroom and sit in there for 10-15 minutes a few times a day; however, don't do the steamy bathroom until you have her evaluated by her vet and make sure there is no problem with her heart.

It's also possible that she got a little overheated outside, if it was a warm day and she's slightly dehydrated. Pick up the fur at her scruff and see if it springs back down immediately. If it takes a few seconds to return to position, this indicates dehydration and she might need under the skin or IV fluids from the vet.

She also may have ingested a toxic substance either in the house or out, or she could have been stung or bitten by an insect or spider.

If you haven't yet brought her to the vet, it would be a good idea to do so as soon as possible, if she's still exhibiting the symptoms you described, so you can get a definite diagnosis and treatment, if needed.

I hope all will be well with your Bonnie and please let me know how she's doing and what the vet tells you. Thanks!

Warmest wishes,
Expert:  Cher replied 2 years ago.
Hi Helen,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Bonnie. How is everything going?