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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Veterinarian
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Hi Terry took my ten yr old Feline to vet on Friday.He said

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Hi Terry took my ten yr old Feline to vet on Friday.He said she had F.I.A. he prescribed a blood test for Fiv and Cancers.Both negative.She is on RANOXON AND ANTIBIOTICS.Is it too early for her to bounce back?,or will she make it at all?. HELP

I am sorry Pudding has this diagnosis.

Ronaxan is the precise medication required to kill the parasites responsible for the red blood cell damage. It is important though that the diagnosis is precise so a blood sample and smear should be sent of to an external lab for the diagnosis to be confirmed.

If the diagnosis is correct then it is only with time that improvement will be seen, but often resolution is a realistic outcome.

It can take time for the red cell count to increase but usually the bone marrow kicks in and starts producing increased numbers of red cells, this would increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood so that if Pudding is currently severely anaemic, improvement in her general well being will be seen.

It is important she continues to eat and is hydrated and her red blood cell count is monitored.

Improvement will take time though at least 5-7 days I would say, but once seen it should build. If the diagnosis is tentative then other cause of anaemia need to be looked at.

Good luck and I hope she is OK


Dan Makin
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Hi Pudding,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Pudding. How is everything going?

Dr. Dan M.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for your help.puddy is now off the ronaxon since today .but still on the still worries me how much she needs to sleep.But eating and drinking cancers have been detected but still confused after spending 400 euros.


It sounds as though Puddy is making progress and whatever has been going on is at least halted.

It has been a fair while since Puddy was first taken ill and that is a good sign that deterioration hasn't been seen, which can often be the case.

It takes time for the body to begin reproducing new red blood cells so anaemia can take time to settle and improve, similarly, prednisolone in high doses can cause malaise and weakness. Hopefully the prednisolone will soon begin to be tapered off in which case you will see Puddy improve along with the clinical disease improving and not showing signs of recurrence.

Often these complex cases go un diagnosed and no specific cause is seen. Sometimes a full diagnosis requires very detailed testing and investigation and often as long as the animal is improving and no harm is being done with medications we plough on regardless.

Best wishes