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Weve had a cat for nearly three years. I dont know how old

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We've had a cat for nearly three years. I don't know how old she is. She's always had a somewhat fat stomach as she is a bit of a glutton. Her stomach tenses up off and on as you hold her and she vomits once every couple weeks or so. She regularly eats wet and dry food and hydrates often. Only recently, my father has started saying that she bloated with a disease. I don't think that's the cases, as she has been like this for years, but I would like an expert opinion.

Hello, Michael and welcome!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you and Shadow today.

If she has always been built like this since you've had her and she is eating, drinking, eliminating and acting as usual, it's very possible that her fat stomach is normal and is due to her build and her overeating. Try to reduce her portion size so she can lose some weight. It's not healthy for a cat to be overweight, especially if she is a senior (7 or over), as this can lead to diabetes and other illnesses.

If she has a 'pouch' that hangs down, that is common in females who have been spayed; it's a lack of muscle tone. However, there are a few underlying medical conditions which cats can get, that involve bloating of the belly and the most serious one is called FIP--feline infectious peritonitis. The belly or chest cavity can fill with fluid and a vet can test for this after a hands-on exam. If the vet feels that her belly is bloated with fluid, he can withdraw some of the fluid from the belly and if it is straw-colored, this usually indicates FIP, although the fluid sample would be need to be sent to a lab for analysis and a definite diagnosis.

Here is more information about FIP for you and your dad to read: FIP

I hope all will be well with Shadow and she just has a plump tummy!

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Hi Michael,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Shadow. How is everything going?