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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  DVM, Emergency Veterinarian; BS (Physiology) Michigan State Univ
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A new question is answered every 9 seconds cat was at the vet yesterday because he has caught

This answer was rated: cat was at the vet yesterday because he has caught a cold virus from my other cat who is fine now after 5 days of having the cold. The vet gave him 2 injections - one of which was for the fever - 103+ degrees. He just coughed up some white "foam" vomit and his fur is cold to the touch. He has been hiding and sleeping in unusual places today. I called my vet but she is now closed for the day. I left a message but I'm not sure if they will get back to me. He has eaten but has a loss of appetite.
Hello, I'm Dr Gary. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 2007. I look forward to helping with your questions/ concerns.

It sounds like your cats are both infected by some type of viral infection. They usually do run their course over 5-10 days. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds will help resolve the signs faster.

The coughing is probably due to some inflammation and infection in the back of the throat (laryngitis) that is common with these infections.

I would try to feed a canned diet and warm it up in the microwave. That'll make it more appealing and it will help entice him to eat.

If he's still not eating and lethargic tomorrow, then I would run him back in for some fluids. This is sometimes needed to keep these guys hydrated until the infection clears.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi...thanks for replying. I'll try warming up his food. What would be the cause of the 'foamy' vomit? The vet gave him 2 injections yesterday - .80 Convenia and Rimadyl. Is one of those an antibiotic? I forgot what she told me. One was for his fever. Our vet clinic is closed here on Wednesdays. If she doesn't get back to me tonight, he won't be able to see her until Thursday morning. With his fur feeling cold, is that an indication of fever as well?

The foamy vomit is probably secretions in the back of the throat and a post-nasal drip that are then causing increased salivation. These guys don't swallow very well, so they end up coughing up this sputum.

Convenia is an antibiotic. Rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory for fever and discomfort.

These sick cats will often shunt blood to the core body organs, this can lead to a cold feel to the skin and fur.
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