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I have 3 indoor cats that are acting abnormal. Jumpy, and

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I have 3 indoor cats that are acting abnormal. Jumpy, and sometimes vomiting. Seems to have started when the neighbors starting cultivating marijuana. So much smoke coming over the fence. What to do?

Hi Lynn,

I am so sorry you and your cats are going through such a horrible ordeal.

How long has this been happening?

are the neighbors growing medical marijuana?

do they have cards authorizing them to take it?

what state do you live in?

is this a single family house?

any homeowners association?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry I had some trouble with receiving your responce. I replied with a new email that I don't know if you got or not. To repeat myself: I understand the questions you've asked and they are all the things that I have investigated already. The owner of the property, who also lives there, is a prominent doctor at the local hospital. Her grown son and friends are "legal" to grow and there is nothing that the local authorities can do about it. All I can do is file a "nuisance suit". At this time, my attorney has written a letter to her and she has replied that she is turning this over to her homeowner's insurance company. Don't know what she's thinking. Anyway, the kids and I are at their mercy. Don't know when or how this will end. It's breaking my heart to see my otherwise health, happy companions suffering.

Dear Lynn,

Thanks so much for your reply. This is the only one I received from you.

It does not matter if the owners are doctors. No one in the United States is allowed to grow and sell marijuana for profit. . In addition, only those with medical marijuana cards are allowed to smoke it.

That said, no one is allowed to perpetrate a nuisance that stops others from enjoying their property.

So, although the authorities may not be sympathetic to what the poor cats are going through, they have to address the fact that you are being made ill.

Call animal control in your town and have them document a cruelty to animals report.The poor fur babies are being made to suffer and being exposed to drugs.

Tell the neighbor that your dr can attest to you getting sick from this.Her family must smoke inside and not expose you to the fumes.

If this continues DO file that nuisance suit. Be sure to call the police and get a report that talks about the smoke.

Please let me know what happens. I pray you get the help you need to solve this problem.



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