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S. August Abbott, CAS
S. August Abbott, CAS, Own Animal Care/Rescue Org.
Category: Cat
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my cat repeatedly pees on the carpet - alwas same spots.

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my cat repeatedly pees on the carpet` - alwas same spots. I replaced the carpet & pad - still does it - used many types of cleaners and professional cleaners - used pheranomes - vinegar - hydrogen pyroxide w/ water. Been going on for a year after she had an illness. She is 14 on thyroid pills - and has good appetite.
You have done a remarkable job in not just having your companion treated, but your clean up methods are spot on in accuracy.

Thyroid disease will cause excessive thirst in a cat and with that it's pretty common to see inappropriate urination in unusual places.

Once on meds and with the previously used area well cleaned, exactly as you've done, she should return to her normal routine and litter.

Depending on her last check up, if it's been longer than 3 or 4 months you might want to get a follow up done and specifically mention her continuing the urination outside of her litter box.

Once she has a clean bill of health aside from her treated thyroid issue, we need to approach this as behavioral.

First, you'll need to repeat the clean up. This time try a mix of plain water with borax well dissolved. IE: 2 cups of water + 1/2 cup borax - and let it sit and dry out. The scent should disappear as the solution dries. Depending on how much urine (whether she went just once or more than once) you might have to repeat this. Once for each time she's gone there.

Then, when you think you're all done, add a 50-50 solution of plain water and white vinegar.

Yes, a lot of work, but worth it.

You'll want to make that area unattractive to her. A plastic carpet runner sold by the foot in places like Lowes or in a roll of about 6' in stores like Walmart (carpet aisle) - has little, sharp plastic spikes on the back to secure to the carpet it's protecting. For anti-kitty properties lay the plastic out upside down. Those little plastic spikes are not fun for kitty paws.

Another option is to lay the plastic out as it's supposed to be and then put her litter box on top of it. Once she gets used to using litter again you should be able to move the box back where you want it.

Finally, the most fail proof cure for cats being where they shouldn't? It's a harmless air product called Ssscat or Scranimal:

These are products in most pet stores is a canister that releases a blast of air (with or without a blast of sound) when a motion sensor is triggered. There are different manufacturers so shopping around is a good idea for price.

Here’s one to give you an idea .

Let me know how you make out ok? We can do this!


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