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Z, my female 4-6 yes old feral cat hast also developed a

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Hello Dr. Z, my female 4-6 yes old feral cat hast also developed a black line around the border of her nose; she has it most of the time, I have seen it her a couple of times that the line "falls or dissappear" but comes back in a few hours. There are times the black line goes in or comes out from the nostrils. Sometimes it gets pink around her eyes... She had dark eye discharge for a few weeks, so far is gone. It's terribly hard to take her to the vet, not even with tranquilizers or anti-anxiety pills from the vet. "Catching her takes 2 or more people for a few hours"...
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you and your Tuly today.

From what you describe of her symptoms and her history, I am most suspicious of a low grade chronic herpes virus related eye infection. It is likely that she was exposed to the virus at some point in her life. Most cats are and so this is not abnormal. Most cats, once exposed tend to carry the virus in a latent form in the nasal tissue and it can flare up intermittently on and off throughout their life. When it does flare up, it tends to be in a mild form and may only affect the eyes. Since the eyes are connected to the nose through the tear ducts, when her eyes are producing more discharge, it is possible that it will show up as the dark line you are describing.

Remember that this is usually viral in nature and that is why the antibiotic probably had little to no effect. Antibiotic eye drops are sometimes used if a secondary infection develops (noted by a yellow or green eye discharge), but in general, her immune system is the only thing that will help the signs to resolve. As she develops an immune response, she can get the virus back in check (not get rid of it, but back to not showing symptoms). If she is not vaccinated for herpes, I would recommend having that done.
The vaccine is not designed to prevent the virus, but to lessen the symptoms of it does become symptomatic again. The best thing you can do to keep everyone feeling well is to keep them stress free and otherwise as healthy as they can be. Once they become stressed, due to environment or other health issues, this is when the latent virus is likely to flare up and lead to symptoms.

There are products to strengthen their immune system, like interferon and lysine (an amino acid) but these are usually used when a pet is having symptoms that they can't seem to shake.

Here is a link with more information:

link 2

Please let me know if you have ANY other questions. My goal is to give you 100% satisfaction and if you are not yet satisfied, please Reply so I can clarify for you.

Dr Z

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Antibiotic injection was given for a small infected above eyebrow in the redish area, she was scratching often there. Tuly lives inside, always, in a clean, non-stress environment. I got the lab results not from my vet but a substitute vet, he said it could be from too much light. Yes, they have their beds next to the sliding door, they get a little sun in the am but since they are always looking outside they have a lot of light from the outside although the back patio, where the glass door is, has a roof so it is not directly on the outside. I have tried changing their beds to a darker place but they go back to that spot where they are used to be and see outside.
Thank you for your reply.
Is the $35 I just paid just for this time or does it cover a whole month without joining a membership? I am sorry. But can't afford it, thanks again!
If Tuly is a light or white haired cat, she can develop skin lesions due to direct sun exposure and some lesions can go on to become cancerous in rare cases. If is is a thin haired area, you could try putting a sunscreen safe for use on pets (usually found at the pet store) on that area of her skin. If it is just light and not direct sun, it should not be a problem.

I am not sure on how your previously paid amount was applied. Usually, your initial fee is used as a deposit and then used as a payment after you rate the answer you were given. We, as experts, do not know what type of payment agreement that you have chosen (one time versus membership). Regardless, if you accidentally chose a membership that you do not wish to continue, customer service should be able to fix that for you. You can click the help link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with Customer service and they can take care of that for you. I will alert them on my end also.

I hope I have been helpful. My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have received anything less, please reply back with additional questions or concerns and I will be happy to continue. Kindly rate me when you are done. Thank you for allowing me to assist you.

Dr Z

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