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My senior 16 year old female Burmese is ckd and takes 1/4 tab

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My senior 16 year old female Burmese is ckd and takes 1/4 tab Norvasc daily for hypertension. She sometimes refuses to eat the tablet hidden in her food so has on occasion missed the dose and in the last week appears to have lost her vision. Her retinas are not detached but she just doesn't seem to see. Researched that a missed dose can cause blindness. Is there any hope her vision will return especially if she continues her daily Norvasc dosage?

Dr. Scarlett :


Dr. Scarlett :

Sorry to hear about PG. Can you tell me how you know her retinas have not detached? When is the last time she had her blood pressure checked?

Dr. Scarlett :

Missing a dose can allow her blood pressure to go very high again, which could cause bleeding of the small blood vessels in the eye and a detached retina. Getting her blood pressure back under control quickly is the best thing to do. Detached retinas can reattach and vision can return if the blood pressure is normalized quickly.

Dr. Scarlett :

But it would be good to have her bp checked to make sure the 1/4 tablet is sufficient. I sometimes have cats that need to have amlodipine given twice a day to keep the bp under control.

Dr. Scarlett :

Here is more info you might find useful:

Dr. Scarlett :

and: This one has other links with more info on kidney failure, too.

Dr. Scarlett :

Please let me know if you have other questions!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I think her retinas have not detached because her eyes (iris and pupil) still look normal and the pupil dilates and retracts accordingly to light. She does NOT have the massive dilated pupil with glazed appearance.

But she is acting as if she can't see and when I wave infront of her she doesn't seem to see.

Her blood pressure has been normal on all previous checks since she has been on 1/4 Norvasc dose last checked a few months ago. It's just she sometimes won't eat her food when she tastes the tablet and then refuses to eat it all day even hidden in new/extra food. I then reseached that a missed dose can cause a sudden rise in bp and resultant blindness. So if her bp is again normal and she does not miss another dose (hopefully) is it possible for sight to improve?

Many thanks.

I would say it is possible. The "resultant blindness" that is mentioned due to a missed dose is the detached retina problem or possible hemorrhages in the blood vessels in the back of the eye. So if the norvasc is started up again and the bp returns to normal, then once the hemorrhage clears, it is possible for vision to return.
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