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My baby Moro has been spitting up this white foam consistency.

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My baby Moro has been spitting up this white foam consistency. He is turning 3 in January. He sleeps in my room overnight and spit up 3 times this morning. Other than that, he behaves normally - he's as sweet and playful as ever and eats normally as well. I haven't been able to keep track of his bowel movements however. I've noticed he has had some allergies in the past but I'm not sure what to. But he has a bad habit of chewing/eating plastic. I always try to stop him but he's eaten everything from tape, candy cane wrappers, plastic from bottles, Easter grass, and ribbons and they all came out in his feces. I am very worried that he has eaten something and it has finally got stuck this time. He loves all his toys and as far as I know they're all nontoxic and I haven't gotten any new ones very recently that could be causing him a problem. He ate his breakfast normally and is being very sweet. He does have fleas at the moment despite the Frontline treatment I gave him. Another thing that occurred to me as far as toxins go, my parents are redoing their kitchen and I was wondering if maybe the paint or fumes could be getting to him. I tried looking down his throat somewhat unsuccessfully and didn't see anything and his gums are light pink. Please help me, I am very worried about him. Thank you sincerely XXXXX XXXXX info you can give me.

Hi Amanda,

I am so sorry your baby is not feeling well.I know you are worried about him.

Can you please tell me what and when Moro ate last.

when is the last time you remember seeing a Bowel Movement from him?

is he urinating?

any vomiting or just the foam?

After your reply please give me a few minutes to type detailed answer.




I was hoping to hear right back from you so I could help with Moro.

Usually,when a cat spits up foam, it means he is nauseated.

You can give your baby one quarter of a ten mg pepsid a/c (famotidine) to settle his tummy:

Since Moro is known to eat non food items you must watch for symptoms of a blockage, (God forbid). Those could be vomiting, no stools, pain, gagging, not eating or unable to keep down food or water.

If any of that occurs you must get your baby to a vet ASAP.

It was a good idea to give him the olive oil but do not give any more because too much can cause nausea.

Of course, fumes can cause nausea as well.

As far as fleas go, you can control them by applying monthly advantage, frontline II or revolution. Some are sold OTC in pet stores

Please let me know how your baby is doing. If you still have questions just press reply and I will be here for you.

Very fondly,


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for your quick response, I didn't realize you got back to me so fast.


Moro ate about 1/4 of a can of cat food (tuna can sized) this morning. He also drank a little bit of water afterwards. He has kept his food down as well, he's pretty good about eating and not throwing it up. He is actually having a bit more food now as I type this.


I've been following him around and he urinated this morning as well but I have not seen a bowel movement from him yet.


As far as his vomiting, it's all just white foam. To be honest, his spit up could have been going on for longer than a week but I'm not exactly sure when he started.


The food he is eating right now is this canned tuna for cats that I had bought from Trader Joe's.


He's behaving so normally though besides his spit up of white foam, I don't understand what could be wrong with him.


Thanks so much for getting back to me so fast.


You are more than welcome! It is my pleasure to help someone as wonderful as you and your sweet baby!

I am glad to hear Moro is eating and behaving normally.He is probably just feeling a bit naueous.

See if he will lick an ice cube. You can also apply a cold compress to the back of his neck.Those things help relieve nausea..

You can also add the pepsid to soft food to settle his tummy.

Please let me know he he is later.

Moro is VERY lucky to have YOU!


Terri and 3 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much, Terri.


I feel so much more relieved now. I brought him an ice cube and he seemed very interested in it!


I'm going to be on the look out for his bowel movements and make sure he is very comfortable. Thanks so much for the pepsid advice as well.


I'm very grateful that you could help Moro and I.


Take care,


Dear Amanda,

Thanks so much for your positive rating and very generous bonus. It is very appreciated.

Please let me know how your baby is later.



Hi Amanda,

I am just following up to see how your baby is doing.
Hugs for Moro,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Terri,


Thanks for following up. Moro has been continuing to be doing well and acting normally. He eats well and potties well.

I did see him spit up just one other time since the morning I spoke to you, but other than that he's my same big little Moro! Thank you so much for your help before.


Hope you're doing well!


Hi Amanda,

I am absolutely thrilled to hear your baby is doing well and no longer vomiting! That is GREAT news!

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Have a great weekend.