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Candy R.
Candy R., Veterinary Technician
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Hi, we have two cats one year old now, perfect health, do not

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Hi, we have two cats one year old now, perfect health, do not go out, spayed/neutered. We fed them with science diet dry food for kitten and proplan "wet" food as an "appetizer" (a half can) for breakfast until now. They are really in great shape, beautiful fur, etc. BUT we changed for adult food as they are now about one (since they are adopted, we are not exactly sure when they were born); they adapted perfectly (we mixed half and half for a month) but I am wondering why the wet adult food has rice in it and thinking it is of no use for a cat... The female took a bit of weight since the change (we never feed them more that what is indicated by the manufacturer, actually we give them less and they seem to be perfectly ok, they usually leave a bit of food, as cats do).
So my question is: shall I feed my cats with the rice that is in the can food, or shall I find a brand that does not have it (moreover, the cats tend to leave some rice, they do not seem to like it a lot).
Thank you so much,
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

This is actually a very good question and not something many owners would pay much attention to. Rice is a highly digestible carbohydrate preferable to other carb sources that are higher in fat. Can food in general is lower in carbs and helps to maintain a healthy weight as cats tend to become overweight easily as they get older.

If your cats do not like the rice and are leaving it behind then it would be fine to switch to another quality food. Natures balance, wellness, Merrick, and weruva are all some other high quality foods that are very well accepted by cats.

It is recommended to feed a 50/50 mix of canned and dry so you may want to add more canned to the diet rather then just using it as a snack. Cats in general are not good drinkers and this can lead to health problems. Feeding 50% canned helps ensure that they are getting adequate liquid in their diet.

I hope this helps. Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns and I will be happy to continue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thank you for your prompt answer. I actually give tham half a 85 grams each of can food (so about 42 grams each - sorry, I live in Canada, but conversion app says that is about 1.5 ounce each) and then they have 100 ml of dry food in two meals, 60+40 (which seems to be 3.3 ounce each). They have a fountain, so they drink plenty of water (and play with it); do you think I should change this menu, for example give them twice half of can food (84 grams total then) and then give them something like twice 40 grams (80 grams total then) of dry? Thanks for the suggestions of can food, I will find for sure one of these brands and since they are very nice cats I am sure they will like it.

Thanks a lot

You are very welcome. I am sorry I misunderstood if they are each getting 1/2 of a can daily then that is completely fine and I see no reason to change the amounts you are giving. I am also happy to hear you have a fountain they really help with getting cats to drink.
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