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I brought my cat to the vet after he was straining in the litterbox

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I brought my cat to the vet after he was straining in the litterbox last night. I spoke to Terri previously about my Mookie cat on just answers. He has no stool in him, his kidneys felt fine and his bladder was almost empty. Vet took urine for a urinalisys and culture and blood for his thyroid (he has HT).
He gave him a shot of cavenia because the earliest the tests will be back is Tuesday since it is a holiday weekend (seems that it would be the same with ER btw). He didn't start him on clavamox due to Mookie's issues. At least not until we know it is the right thing.
He said to keep an eye on him and if he strains again (it is possible he went overnight) to take him to the ER. This was at 11:00am. it is Now 7pm and I have been watching him closely and, unless he somehow snuck passed me, he has not even tried to pee this whole time. He went in the box once but just scratched for about 5 seconds and came out.
He is licking himself at times but otherwise acting completely normal.
Should I worry that he hasn't urinated in 8 hours although he did drink water and eat wet food?
I cannot tell if he is still straining if he doesn't go.

Hi Julie, and welcome back to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you today.

I'm so sorry Mookie is causing you this worry, but you did the right thing in bringing him to the vet immediately!

If he's eating wet food and drinking water, he should feel the need to go, sometime. Male cats usually are capable of holding their urine longer than females. I would watch for anymore licking of his private parts and if he goes to the litterbox often, but nothing or just a few drops come out. That would be the key to letting you know he needs to be taken to the ER vet to be checked for a possible urinary blockage. Here is additional information:
Urinary problems

If the vet said his bladder was almost empty at the time he was examined and he was able to get some urine for a urinalysis, it doesn't sound like he was blocked at the time; however, that was quite few hours ago and he could have a urinary tract infection which is causing inflammation inside the urethral, pressure and discomfort, so he feels like he has to go, but he doesn't really have to. The Convenia should help if he has a urinary tract infection, but we have to give it time to work.

At this time, I would continue to observe him for the symptoms mentioned above, and, in addition, if he begins straining again and cannot urinate, a visit to the ER vet center would be your next step.

I hope all will be well with Mookie!

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Hi Julie,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Mookie. How is everything going?